Thursday, December 11, 2008

z kitchen

I feel like I dogged the psychic, and I'm compelled to say this: He works. For some people. He travels the country, teaches classes on African religions, and has a good-sized clientele. I'm sure there are people he's helped a great deal. And, of course, there are those he's helped himself to a great deal. ;)

On to the Guild find(s)! Y'all I love me some Guild. While in the checkout line yesterday I chatted with a woman who's been shopping there for decades. She called it her therapy. When I asked what the best thing she ever found at the Guild was, she described a few things, but said there were so many she couldn't name them all.

What makes it so fun is that you find stuff you never knew you couldn't live without, until you see it. In a time when vintage is popular, at the Guild you can still come across things that are sought after, some at good prices.

Yesterday I went early enough to take my time and mosey (a few times I've made the mistake of dropping in 30 - 40 minutes prior to closing, and that's so not enough time). They have a small final markdown room that's a good place to start. It contains mostly knickknacks, and usually has a few interesting items for a couple of dollars.

I got this letter Z. Why? Oh, why not. It ran me a buck, and to me it sends the message that this is it. Each moment is the end of the line. Okay, plus it's just yellow and cute.

Another time I got this fish. I think it was about 3 dollars. I keep my special tea, given to me as a going away gift by my friend Lori, in it.

I'm enjoying working with my kitchen for what it is: small, old, maybe a pinch rustic even. Vintage, rustic-y pieces work well. You couldn't put this beauty in just any kitchen:

"WOOD ROOSTER SIGN" it was tagged. It's solid and surprisingly heavy. It came complete with vestiges of bird poop! (I spared you.) I debated over buying it, because it'd gone from 27 to 21 dollars and was due to go down to 15 in about a week. That's the thing about price reduction. It brings out the miser in you. The voice of reason reminded me that it was one of a kind, that if I went back and it was gone I would've been mad at myself, and that these old signs often go for a lot more money.

Now why didn't I think to call the psychic to ask what my odds were?


Ellen Bloom said...

The kitchen looks great! All you need now are a few hand-knitted dishcloths!

Stacy said...

Seriously, your kitchen looks absolutely adorable! I love it.

mo said...

your kitchen is so cute, mo. i know this is gonna sound weird, but i feel like i can smell you in that room. home. sweet home.

Anonymous said...

Love your Guild finds, could become addictive you know. That 'Z' is really cute, now if only you could find the remainder of the

No sewing machines?

Just remind yourself that the price is all about charitable contribution.

woolanthropy said...

Love the goods! Can't wait to come to town and shop at the guild!

The kitchen is really shaping up.

j.kaori said...

Your kitchen looks great! I love the yellow Z --- so bold!

golden star said...

I think the Wild Rooster was worth all the crud!

msaims said...

never mind Oshun's flirty vibe. i want her ass... it was strange that your intuitionist mentioned the male energy after all those roosters. are you a rooster in the Chinese zodiac?

i have to admit to being a 'shamrock' in my mid-20's. (the Irish version of a fafrican.) i was wanting to get in touch with my Gaelic heritage. glad i didn't get the Celtic knot tattoo though!


afrowalking said...

YAY. LOVE IT - especially the rooster and the meaning you've placed on Z.


AllyB said...

The fish is truly precious and the Z, what can I're a genius!

Orchidophile said...

I love the fish!