Monday, December 22, 2008

don't even try it

Here's to all of us who can't knock the hustle, lol. In 2009, may the sweat of our brow bring us big dividends!

Though I did go to Ross to buy more floor pillows on Friday morning, I can report that I did not allow myself to be thrown off the hustle by these places, which I found lurking next to one of the Ross Stores, 10 minutes from my house. (They complement the Hobby Lobby around the corner, 2 minutes away.)

I'm getting that crafty feeling again, but I'm going to forget these places exist, open the closet with all my goods in it, and go shopping in there!


woolanthropy said...

Yes, the closet aka the Home Shopping Network! I am so with you on that.

Go to hell Joann and Michael. You are toxic friends! I am not dependent on your company or your tempting goods to make me feel better. You just take my money and give me lousy service. Quit sending me those crack incentive coupons in the mail too!

j.kaori said...

Such defiance! Such willpower!

WineGrrl said...

I admire your fortitude.