Monday, December 15, 2008

a knock in the nick

It's grading time. And I have the good fortune to have a manuscript to edit, which will lead to a nice chunk of change once I'm done. All this means solitary work, which is my kind of work, except when it's not.

Right when I needed some cheer today I heard a knock at my door. Who could that be? I wondered. Nobody even knows I live here.

Alas, it was the express delivery man with a big ol' sweet box of fabric, courtesy of Ellen and Natalie! Ellen's neighbor gets gorgeous samples through her job, and had been having trouble getting rid of them.... I'll let Ellen tell the story. Point is, Ellen thought of me and had Natalie set aside some things she knew I would like. I love every single stitch of every single fabric. We're talking lovely, lovely stuff.


It's been a bit of a distraction. I keep petting it, and wishing I had a table- or desk-like surface to set up a sewing machine. (Gotta remedy that this weekend.) I'm going to make pillows out of some of it, and a totebag or two out of more.

Thank you, girls! So glad y'all haven't forgotten about lil' ol' me.


Stacy said...

The most loveliest of gifts! I'll drool with jealousy a wee bit more. Enjoy....

Ellen Bloom said...

Excellent photos of the fabric samples! So glad that you received the package at a quiet time. I can't wait to see what you create with all that fiber goodness!

Anonymous said...

You have wonderful friends!

I am drooling on my keyboard here. Hope you make fabulous things so that I can drool even more.

woolanthropy said...

Yay! So glad you like your fabric stash. Look at all those delicious fabrics. Glad we could send you a little cheer.

msaims said...

the mother-load. oh yeah!!!