Tuesday, December 30, 2008

food + work + feline

You all really did tickle (and inform) me on the lizard post. I'm thinking of a plan of action.

I am so happy because tomorrow is the last day of 2008, which means my last day to post for the blogging 365 project. Yay! It's been a lot of fun, but it's also had its downside, like not having space to write the kind of ponderous essays I like to post sometimes. Also, not being able to respond personally to comments like I was doing earlier in the year. I haven't had the time to post every day and write and respond the way I want to. To top it off, now that I make my living on the Internet, I try to cut back on extracurricular activities so I'm not online all day every day. And, man, I can talk about a whole lotta me, but some days I've felt like enough already.

I am looking forward to not posting every day, but that doesn't mean I won't be posting often. I will, and hopefully I'll raise the bar. At least a little.

And now, speaking of me (har har), here's my turkey chili with a cat walking past.

At first I declared it the worst chili I've ever made, and it was, but I've doctored it to the the point of very tasty. (It needed sugar and more seasoning.) I like my chili with a couple cubes of cheddar cheese (down under) and a dollop of sour cream. Maybe some scallions, which I have, but was too hungry to chop. Oyster crackers are good, too. So's a Reed's Extra Ginger Brew chaser.

If you prefer, with cat butt.

This was today's meal while I was doing my final grades for the quarter (the chili and ginger beer, not the cat butt). It used to be a pretty straightforward process, but Mira makes it -- and everything else -- interesting. She loves red pencils more than any teacher I know.


Stacy said...

Oh, Mira is just too cute! I love that she thinks the pencil is her meal....

I hope you have a wonderfully happy New Year!

Ellen Bloom said...

Happy New Year from L.A., Sweetie!

woolanthropy said...

Look at you working and with a view (cat butt). hehe.

Have a happy happy!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR friend. Thanks for all the lovely posts and reading entertainment. It has been great first thing in the mornings to sit down with a cuppa and see what you've been up to....or not.

Mira is just gorgeous, such a sleek feline.

Having computer troubles here, lost everything and am about to throw the rest out the window.

Enjoy your evening....ours has been long over.


stevie cakes said...

I am going to eat that cat. no, i really will, eat that cat!