Wednesday, December 24, 2008

coming together

Here's my setup so far.

Notice a sewing machine has already crept into the picture. My favorite thing is the teal Steelcase file cabinet. Those people know they can make some sturdy, timeless office furniture. I got it for 50 dollars. Had it been beige or black, Thomas said it would've been at least 90. Not everybody wants a teal cabinet. To me, the color made it worth the price. It's on casters, and, Heather, to answer your question, it was harder for me to carry inside than the table was. It's really heavy. I couldn't wait to set it down and roll it. I thought I was going to end up like Wyclef, singing Someone please call 911. Thankfully, it's about five steps from my driveway to my house. The table was awkward, but lighter. I think I got the legs on pretty securely. If not, when Bubs comes to visit for New Year's, I'll get him to throw some muscle at it. (Oh, and NO! I do not miss that Volvo, lol! True, it had more room, but guess where it is right now: dead as usual, camped in one of the few non-restricted parking spots in my old LA neighborhood. That car never did take me seriously.)

The chair is very cozy, as Mira can vouch. I spruced it courtesy of Ross, but it's in really good shape for something made in 1977, as its tag says. It sits a bit low, but as a freebie, I'm not complaining. It'll do until I get another.

The light isn't good so it's hard to see, but next to the machine is a sweet pincushion Natalie made for me to celebrate my move to Houston. I just love it. And the lovely flowers are a gift from my friend Deatra. While I was out lollygagging around with the table and things in my car last night, I thought it would be nice to have flowers once everything was up. When I pulled up in front of my house I noticed a box on the porch. Flowers! A perfect housewarming gift right on time. Thank you, Mo. They're beautiful.


Laurie Ann said...

I love the teal cabinet. And I can't get over how big Mira is already.

Ellen Bloom said...

All of the furniture looks great. Your "command post" is coming together nicely. If you can plug in the sewing machine, then surely you can plug in a lamp too!!! One will turn up sooner or later.

Merry Christmas Sweetie!

woolanthropy said...

Looking good! The teal cabinet is fab and the chair is super groovy. You have a set up going.

j.kaori said...

Great set-up, and the chair is so cool!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

It's beginning to look a lot like home! I too am loving that teal cabinet....very good choice. The chair is looking good and comfy, so what, you'll get used to sitting a bit lower.....with big
Glad to see a machine....brings out the smiles......

Soo sorry your Volvo didn't tow the line.....can't you get it sold? Even for parts?

Yes, your bits and pieces are looking very nice Mira a house cat or can she walk around your neighbourhood?


Mo said...

Uhm. I'm really glad you like the flowers, but other than the vase, they look NOTHING like they're supposed to. Dang. Merry Christmas, Mo. I love you!

Orchidophile said...

Nice setup! The teal cabinet is good looking. The sewing machine isn't bad looking either.