Wednesday, December 17, 2008

just orange

I always admire when people post color studies. What presence it must take to notice bits and snippets and flourishes of a certain color as one goes about one's day.

Color studies strike me as best done with the deep, rich vibe of either film or digital SLR, but I set that aside to do my own humble offering of orange, inspired by this, which caught my eye today:

I would love to own this car. How could the day not be filled with sunshine when you're driving around in a bucket of orange? It looks mercifully placed in a sea of bland. Doesn't it?

Later, while standing in my kitchen, I found some of my own orange.


woolanthropy said...

Look at all that orange in the kitchen. Your orange is loverly!

Ellen Bloom said...

You know that's my FAVORITE color too!!!! If it's not orangey, I'd rather not bother.

Anonymous said...

This post has me smiling.......ok, I didn't mean any 'pun' like 'Smile Orange' or such..ROFLOL....but it really brought out a smile.

Do they really still drive around in those cars????
You might see them here but they are collectors' items and only come out during the summer and are in a special tax and insurance category.


j.kaori said...

Great car -- definitely an eye-catcher on the road! Love your orange kitchen accessories, and good to see the big yellow "Z" has a nice spot on the counter!

Anonymous said...

Just had to return 'cause I remembered seeing a very similar car in the film 'The Secret Lifes of Bees'


AllyB said...

I love orange and those are some great examples of the color. I think you'd look great in that bucket o orange too!

afrowalking said...

This post made me feel all giggly. A certain kind of orange does that, I think.

And my grandfather has the same exact car - his is maroonish.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the smile - I would love to be driving/riding in that car with some great music blasting!