Tuesday, December 02, 2008

tgif (a girl can dream)

Borders. Laptop. Wi-Fi. Rolling along.

Wah! I wanna go home!

I'm counting the days until Friday, I swear.

Anthony's house is gorgeous, spacious, more than suitable for guests. In my room, I have my own bath. As does his other house guest. As does he. As do his visiting parents. And there are still plenty of bathrooms left to go around! I can eat anything in the fridge. Borrow an SUV should I come across something to haul. Soak up cable TV. Dip my feet in the pool (I say it's too chilly for full immersion). I should really be enjoying living like the other half, but all I can think about is Friday, when I'll be drinking ceremonial wine and resting my bones on a brand new bed in my own humble house. Mira, who has to stay sequestered in my room at Anthony's because his parents would have a conniption something fierce if they knew a cat was around, will have the run of the place. Friday, hurry, HURRY!

In the meantime and between time, I've been stopping by The Guild Shop so much that one of the workers has started taking me to the loading area to show me cool stuff he thinks I might like before he prices it and puts it on the floor. He told me there's always room for negotiation pre-pricing. Yesterday some well-kept Queen Anne chairs came in. I don't like Queen Anne chairs, at all, but they were a pretty blue color so I asked how much they were. The price was too high to negotiate to something reasonable (and I wasn't serious anyway). My guy said they were priced high because they were leather, but upon closer inspection, he found they weren't. He called another guy over for a second opinion. That guy took one look, shook his head, and said, Those are Naugahyde-a-saurus. They're extinct. I thought that was funny. Anyway, some things that caught my eye (cell phone shots, so look not for quality):
  • Red snack plates, too small for the kind of snacking I like to do, but pretty.
  • I really love the shape of the alabaster lamp. Very mid-century. I debated on buying it, especially when it comes up for markdown on the 8th, but it needs a new cord, so meh.
  • Also love the tulip-shaped silk lampshade on the faux bamboo floor lamp. It'll get marked down tomorrow, but I don't love it enough to get up early to snag it.
  • Suddenly I'm crazy for roosters, and want to start a small collection. This clock wasn't the one to kick it off. I do like it though.
And Mira, just because she's cute.

Again, thanks for all the great advice on getting my place together. You guys rock the casbah. I'm going to follow the move in, scrub down, and see what needs prettyfyin' crowd.


Kiss and Cookie said...

I can't wait to take a trip to the Guild. Love the tulip lamp...these days all the nifty stuff in my house has been moved into storage and kid friendly stuff has replaced it. I have a few days of vaca left this year. Tons to do with the holidays coming but will see if I can sneak in a trip to Houston to visit the new digs!!

woolanthropy said...

OMG that Mira is sooo big! I can't believe it. Wasn't I just there? Wasn't that cat just chewing my ears off in the middle of the night? I don't think my ears will survive next time with that big cat around.

Stacy said...

Mira will immediate make the new place prettier... she's so darn adorable! Friday is almost here.....

Anonymous said...

You are living the life girl! My husband needs a place. Can I send him over there? He'll think he's died and gone to heaven LOL I thought the red plates were coasters? Yes, please don't start your rooster fetish with that clock. Eewww.

Anonymous said...

That shop looks soooo enticing, I think I'd be there on a weekly basis too, nice cute things. I think you need that TV team right now!!! They must go with you to this place.
You are going to be needing those little red dishes...imagine you having a 'Stühle rücken' That is a casual get-together of your friends and helpers on the day of your move. Stühle (chairs), rücken (to move or set in place). After they are done moving all your things, you throw them a little impromtu party.

Well isn't Mira becoming a big young lady! Look at those eyes, I think you are officially Mira's mama now. She won't remember Schimin for a second.

Can't wait for Friday either. How about filming the move?

AllyB said...

Mira is beautiful!