Tuesday, December 16, 2008

jive turkey

I don't know what happened.

It's cool here in Houston -- 30s - 40s -- and I woke up thinking on thing: turkey chili. I always make it at the first sign of cold. I'm behind this year. Today was the day I could no longer resist.

But I had no turkey, no kidney beans, no tomato paste, nothing. And so I worked. Then went to the post office to drop off students' tests. Then I headed to Whole Foods where the day began to spiral.

After an hour in Whole Foods I realized I had no can opener to open the freshly purchased kidney beans, and no pot to cook them or anything else in. (I've been buying as little cookware as possible seeing I have a whole storage room full of it in Los Angeles.) These realizations led to Ross, where a person can either have a normal shopping experience or a very ghetto one. Today was ghetto day with checkout lines a country mile and most of the things I wound up buying being picked off the floor. Okay, not the floor, but close enough.

The long wait at checkout left me with plenty of time to think. I started fantasizing about a trash can and a rug for my kitchen. Bed, Bath and Beyond, Marshalls, and Target all a stone's throw from Ross and an ocean's distance away from home.

By the time I finished navigating the choppy holiday retail waters, I had lost the day indeed.


Anonymous said...

Never mind hon, turkey chili another day. I have a recipe from Jane Brody's book: 'Chili Without The Carne', I think it's called. Yummmmmm.

Marshalls is the first stop when I visit the US of A. Bath towels galore. I can't forget the fabulous kitchen rug I had to leave....weight restrictions....it was $85 and was wonderful....to this day....in my mind...

Wear a cardigan and dream about the chili....tomorrow..


woolanthropy said...

Aw man, turkey chili sounds good. It is rainy and dark and cold here. Chili sounds delish. I hope your making goes better today. Can you have too many pots? A can opener is essential. You can't have too many of those either. One can go in your emergency kit later.

Yeah, like the imaginary emergency kit we have in the garage. hehehe.