Sunday, June 01, 2008

two turtle loves

I didn't bit more see Sex and the City last night than a man in the moon. sold me tickets to a show that had been sold out for days. The theater refunded my ticket money, sans the service charge, which they said would have to pay. The website, of course, says the theater is supposed to refund it.

Anyway, my friend and I had a great night just hanging around the Farmer's Market, wandering around The Grove, and chillaxing at Barnes and Noble. I love going out with women because we love us some talking and we worship some eating. We had dinner, talked our heads off, had Pinkberry, yakkity-yakked some more, then had coffee and tea at B&N, where we blabbed about the books and magazines we were reading.

Today I got in some time at the pond.

The turtles were getting in a little PDA.


Anonymous said...

What a bummer, sorry things went all wrong!!! I have been reading good reviews, but reviews are as reviews go. Anyhow, my dd wanted me to go see it with her on Saturday but I want to see it in the original language....not some 'translated....half-the-funny lost version', so I'll wait 'til it's available on dvd....or illegal.


Adrienne said...

Ohhh, lovin the turtles! LOL

Orchidophile said...
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Orchidophile said...

I didn't bit more see Sex and the City last night than a man in the moon.

Oh my goodness! I thought only my family members used that expression! LOL!

I love going to ponds to see the ducks, turtles, koi and whatever else lives around them...well, except gators. The Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery has a wonderful pond where I would spend hours feeding the animals and sorting my thoughts! I miss it!

I haven't seen the movie, so I cheated and read the synopsis on the movie's Wiki page. I'll watch it on DVD.

woolanthropy said...

Aww man, can't believe you didn't get to see the movie. That has happened to me at the grove one time too. That's why I am a believer in Arclight. They don't mess up at least not yet. The movie was completely enjoyable. It was like revisiting an old friend and having dinner and then Pinkberry's and then roaming the bookstore and chatting non-stop.

Turtle love is good love!

Cennetta said...

I avoid the first week of all movies for fear of "sold out". I'm a Sew and the City fan too, but I'm waiting. It sounds like you had a good time anyway. The turtle love is cute. I love watching animals.