Sunday, June 22, 2008

toxic smocking

I am SO GLAD I have you guys. I need to hear experiences on things, ya know? Throwing up and getting sick from massages? That some of you were aware that these things could happen makes me feel much better, because I'm kinda still tripping.

And geez, in spite of what appear to be less than favorable circumstances in my life right now, I've been feeling pretty good, emotionally. So do I have to dredge up a bunch of crap to get these toxins out of my muscles? Will massage and eating well and exercising banish them? If I manage to get present, and practice forgiveness, starting, saaay, today, will that keep more from building up? Will the old ones just stay there unless I call up and cuss my father out? I have my mother's ashes. Should I go talk to them and get a few things off my chest? How does this stuff work?!

Whew. Sorry. The confusion was attacking me. I'll take this journey one step at a time, as I've taken all others, whether I've intended to or not. :)

Let's talk about the dress I was wearing during The Attack of the Healing Hands. I hesitate to say I made it, although I did, because it's really just an insta-dress. You buy the fabric already smocked. All you have to do is wrap it around yourself to see how much fabric you need for it to fit comfortably and stay up, sew and finish your seam, and hem it if you don't like the length of the finished selvedge edge. I also made a neck strap, but Bubs said it looked better without it. When I finished it and put it on, Schmin said to me, Oh yeah, Kali and Kodi wear dresses like that. Kali and Kodi are my nieces. They're like, oh, 8 and 6 years old. The last time I wore smocking, it was the 1970s. I was maybe 12. I am aware of the girlish element, but that's part of why I like it. Plus, it's hot out there! Plus, the boys said it looked good enough to wear outside (well, consider them), and once I did, I noticed the big comeback that the smocked dress has made. There were about 4 of us wearing versions at the beauty supply.

What good is a throwback to the '70s if you're not standing by a tree? What was it with posing near trees in the 70s? And with the check out my chin pose? Maybe that was a convention of the 80s, which wouldn't surprise me.

There's no stopping the smocking. I bought a different print for another dress. (C'mon, I got both on sale at Jo-Ann's.) I might put straps on that one. That way, I can really fit in with my nieces, go back and relive my childhood, this time happily, and build up no toxins! I knew it! Smocking is the key!


Adrienne said...

Well don't you look cute!!!

Laurie Ann said...

Good enough for outside and all over. I love me some smocking but these boobs have a mind of their own and cannot be contained by mere elastic.

Laurie Ann said...

oh, and I love the print. Can't wait to see the other one.

Anonymous said...

The easy dress. It looks great on you. You have great collar bones and the colors look great on your skin color.

And how to get rid of the toxins? You've gotta let stuff go. It must be something you're holding on to. Probably some resentment or anger towards someone. Grudges. My mom's famous for those and she's suffered physically b/c of them. I would say it's all about forgiveness but not necessarily about confrontation (which some people think they must do before they can forgive).

I love massages. They're almost orgasmic for me. Foot massage, facial massage, body massage. But I try not to hold on to anything for more than a week. Then I let it go. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Love that cute dress, you had to go and show your collar bones now, didn't you!

I'd suggest maybe writing everything down to get it all out of your system and then working through it. I am all for confrontation, not that it does any good (most time those whom you bear a grudge against don't even remember it and you are still carrying that sxxxt around) and I'll forgive but never forget. What good is that?

I don't know about the posing against trees in the '70s but what is the matter with those people who pose with and up against a car!!! I know that was the 'in' thing in the 70s and 80s. Gives me the willies.


Anonymous said...

I need to say I am completely envious of your gorgeous skin!!! Damn you.


Cennetta said...

I like it. You are too cute, girl! Wall-Mart and JoAnn's Fabrics have bulks of smocked dress fabric. Uumm, I think I'll grab a couple pieces.

woolanthropy said...

That dress is super cute. Are these pictures before or after your attack? I'm with Laurie Ann about the powers of elastic. Plus the Junior High School fears of some jerk pulling my top down in public. Or the one where you don't realize that your left nipple is making an appearance as you walk down the street. These are my smocking fears.


You know I've looked at the smocking fabric a thousand times but have past it by, you look really cut in it and I can't wait to see the other print.

I'm another advocate for writing stuff down. After your done you should have all of your thoughts together to bring issues up with people or if you know that you are not going to confront the person you can burn it to release it to universe.
PS I brought some knitting needles and 3 skeins or yarn on sunday :)

Orchidophile said...

First of all, cute dress! I needed something like that for the beach last week.

Second, thanks for the heads up about massages. I had no idea. Now I'm a bit nervous about receiving one.

Frank said...

ROFLMAO! @ Natalie's fear of the left nipple... omfg!

I think it's a BEAUTIFUL dress and SO simple.

I've seen these fabrics at JoAnn's and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I walk by, I want to pick some up for Marguerite and Makende, thinking that matching Mommy and Daughter dresses would be cute.

But it's charged by the inch and I have NO idea how many inches they are... Oh well...

It looks gorgeous on you; "The Boys" were right!