Tuesday, June 17, 2008

it runs in the family

And I'm hoping to get some of it.

At the end of a day during which two people asked if I've lost weight (ah, the goodness of black, then again, I have stopped eating my weight in junk food), and an old friend offered to fly me to a city that I am considering for relocation, I am thinking that people, they're not half bad. The Lakers are losing as I type. (Blame The Bubs for the fact that what little fandom I have goes toward the Celtics.) Life is sweet.

When I think about how sweet it is, I come around to Schmin. That kid. He's got star quality. I'm not just saying this 'cause he's my kid. He really does! He's always surprising me with the things he can do just out of the blue. Look.

He went and hiked Yosemite last month and decided along the way to become a whittler. This is his walking stick.

And its little companion.

He whittle-dee-deed his way up Half Dome and back down.

So far he's shown no interest in becoming my sewing buddy, but I'll bet he's got hidden skillz in that department too.


Anonymous said...

Those are amazing. I'd be really proud too.

Adrienne said...

Oh WOW!!!

woolanthropy said...

That kid does have **STAR** power! I have seen it with my own eyes. Oh the craftiness of those sticks! I see some lino block printing in that kid's future.

Anonymous said...

Wow, brings a smile here. You are saying he carved whilst he walked?!?

I bet if you'd show him a vest pattern and some nice fabric, almost forgot the one-of-a-kind buttons, he'd jump at the chance of taking Blanché for a spin.