Monday, June 09, 2008

any which way i could

It's typical among knitters to say seaming sucks. From time to time, I make declarations about practicing seaming and getting good at it. Instead, I usually just avoid any pattern that involves more than a couple inches of it.

But baby patterns sucker you into doing things you may not like, because you never have to endure for long.

I have yet to finish the front lace panel for Presto Chango, but I knew if I didn't seam the left side today I never would. Something went haywire and I couldn't remember how I'd done the right side, so the left doesn't match, and in fact it looks like Clyde did it. Next time I'll seam all at once, so that even if it is a hot mess, it'll be the same hot mess all over.

See? Left side, chaos. Right side, bulky harmony.

For the sleeves, I went a different route altogether, basically doing a backstitch like I was embroidering. The good news is that I did it on both sides, so the sleeves do match each other.

I know, I know. It's all about the mattress stitch, but the mattress stitch ain't no friend of mine either.

Someone is after me, and I was forced to go down to Michael Levine's yesterday to pick up some fabric. (Well, not the plaid piece, that was on the sale table and called my name as I walked by. ) Soon, very soon so I can stop the harassment, the solid linen/cotton fabric will be turned into some wearable things.


Adrienne said...

Someone has been knitting!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is no way around that seam, you'll have to undo it, just cannot stay as it.

Those fabrics look ssooooo yummmeeee! Love every piece and I am dying to see/hear what you are about to create.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not a knitter but to me, I like the chaotic left side better. It's not so bulky, and it does the job right? I think you should undo the right side and make it like the left. Hee

sahara said...

The Harmony Guides, vol.1-Knitting Techniques, has an excellent how to for the mattress stitch. Just keep in mind that you're working from side to side, then upward.

If that isn't working for you, a back-stitch is just as good. Or you can crochet the seam.