Monday, June 30, 2008

a tip and a tool

I've made 3 garments in 3 days. For some, that's no feat. Me? I am sewed out. I won't want to see Blanche again for at least two or three days, ha.

Hey, cool Miss Laurie left a comment on yesterday's post that's too neat to keep hidden away. It's her favorite sewing tip, in which you --

iron some very light fusible interfacing to the pattern tissue, and it becomes durable enough to re-use it one billion times. We used to use wax paper back when it had wax in it, but now you can get interfacing so cheap and it works better. Then the tissue never tears.

I'm on this one like heat on black! Thank you, Laurie.

Here's my new fav tool. I like me any kind of bodkin, actually, but this one really gets the job done.

I decided against the twill tape, and my Ezy-Pull made changing my mind a snap! (Okay, Ezy-Pull, where's my money?)

Here's a random desk shot. When I turned on my camera to upload some pics, this was what I saw. I think it's purdy, especially when the Eiffel Tower comes into view.


Adrienne said...

Good tip girl!

Nik said...

I knew I liked coming here for a reason. You've taught me a thing or three. I always have this anxiety about the lifespan of my patterns, and you've just cured me.

How much do I owe you, dr?

alittlebitofscrap said...

I've never seen an ezy-pull before. Thanks for your recommendation :) and that tip on saving patterns, Love it.. and gonna use it :)

Anonymous said...

I have one of those thingies! I haven't used it and couldn't tell you where it is although I have a vague idea.