Saturday, June 28, 2008

send in the imf

Mission: Cut out 3 shirts + 3 pairs of pants. With crazy riding shotgun, sew 1 shirt.
Accomplished: Cut out & sewed 1 shirt.

The cutting out of the other 5 pieces proved impossible, for real, 'cause the learning curve made crazy keep its ass at home.

Seriously, is there a sewing IMF? I need that mofo right about now.


Anonymous said...

Honey, I know all about big plans like that. As much as Crazy thinks she's a badass, she can only do so much. Reality's gotta have her time in the spotlight too. She is a fabulous friend of mine. Want an intro?

Nik said...

You know, I had a roommate who married a secret service agent...And he can NEVER tell her who he's protecting.

One thing I always wondered about what his "mack" when he was trying to date her. Because, if I asked a guy-who I'd just met-what he did for a living and he replied, "I'm a secret service agent", I would have TOTALLY thought he was lying. I wonder if she thought he was lying at first. And how he eventually proved it to her.