Wednesday, June 04, 2008

today's homemaker

Annika invited me to join a Flickr group she started called Today's Homemaker, which I think is a perfect title for a post about an apron.

Here it is, all done.

When I signed up for the swap, before I was assigned the person I would be sewing for, I bought some fabric that I thought was cute and hilarious. Once I got my recipient, I read her blog and didn't think the fabric would suit her taste at all. I went on a mad scramble and ordered this, because she likes green, and I think it's a tough color to beat. I chose the pattern because of my own deep abiding love for old-fashioned aprons.

I like this shot because I'm all leaning on the counter looking like I'm about to say, Umph, chiiile, you don't know the day I've had:

A couple mas:

My favorite thing is that a flower is blooming from the pocket (through no planning on my part):

I did finish all the major sewing yesterday, but when I looked at the apron this morning, the pocket called out for a button. I added a vintage red one.

Oh how I tried to part with a button from the adorable jarful Natalie gave me for my b-day, but I couldn't! I need to enjoy all of them a bit longer.

What's a summer apron without a glass of mint iced tea? I'll send a box of Trader Joe's Mint Melange along with my apron. My swap buddy lives in the Canadian countryside, so hopefully old Trader's tea will be a treat.

Project Notes
Pattern: McCall's 3979
Size: Large
Fabric: Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut, bought from The Tin Thimble
Bliss factor: Soaring, now that I've gotten past The Bias Tape Surprise of 2008. I still don't know why they call it "continuous" bias tape and not just bias tape. Isn't all bias tape continuous? When you buy it in the store, it doesn't come in pieces. Harumph.

Like a true homemaker of today, I'm off to stick something in the microwave.


Laurie Ann said...

I love your apron.
Tell me about the day you've had, sister.

Adrienne said...

Oh how lovely!!!!!!!!!!

Annika said...

Oh, how lovely! I am just crazy about it. And I'd sure be honored if you'd add a few of the photos to the group pool!

Orchidophile said...

Loving the apron and the pose!

Anonymous said...

You're hAlarious! The apron is fantastic! And I'm with you on microwave cooking.

Ellen Bloom said...

Oooo. I love the shape of that apron and how it curves and waves at the bottom...very flirty! Nice work, Suzie Homemaker! Hah!

Nik said...

You need to bake me a cake now. :D

Anonymous said...

LLOOLLLL, laughing my head off here. I was just feel so green with ENVY at that gorgeous apron and wondered about the pattern. Of course, you had it listed and I clicked.....I have that darn pattern too!!!! I just never noticed all the other aprons on the envelope because I purchased it for the full style with the tons of scalloped edges. 'Peacock Chic' made that apron too and it sent me in envy tizzy.

It is just very very cute....need to sew...


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I have to tell you how I have part-ownership in Trader Joe's! Yessss! Well, it is owned by my Supermarket here....and of course I shop at this one almost exclusively BECAUSE IT IS SO DARN CHEAP...which is why I own Trader Joe's too! I even find Trader Joe's brand on my shelves here, (I think they do brand-exchange)...picked up 5 bags of pecan nuts on Monday because you never see pecan nuts here. Now I want to bake a pecan is that for homemaking!

Now for the real homemaking, I am off to clean some dirty windows, whilst sonny boy goes to my Smarket to get pizzas for lunch!

In case you are (Trader Joe's)is owned by Aldi (Nord/North).
Aldi (South) operates as Aldi in the USA and has the rights to operate as Aldi. Aldi North bought Trader Joe's and kept the name. (Both North and South are family owned and operated independently by 2 brothers)


The J said...

I love the idea of aprons. I really need aprons. I want to love actual aprons.

I love that apron!

woolanthropy said...

GORGEOUS! I LOVE that apron! It turned out stunning! I think I am going to put an apron on right now and call you!

Emma said...

I absolutely love the apron!! Beautiful work. And thank you so much for the link! Oooo, and I love that tea - it's one of my favorites!

sahara said...

Wow! That's one of the best aprons I've seen in a long time; beautiful fabric, and very nice work.