Monday, October 13, 2008

you can knit but you can't hide

Thanky, thanky, ma'ams. Yes. I actually went outside and saw people yesterday.

Right now I'm outside again, at Borders, doing job stuff. I figure now that I know where this place is, I have no excuse for not at least coming here, until I find some other place to go. Something good is that I can come here and park up a storm, without counting hours to calculate the parking fee or worrying about getting validated. That kept me home quite a bit in Los Angeles. I often didn't want to deal with parking. Or the other end, when I'd get home and have to circle the block and land in some distant space that required me to move the car at 7 or 8am. Just, ugh. Living will be so much more hassle-free here. I'll probably fall into a coma. Seriously.

Inching toward the crafty, here's a shot of my local yarn shop. It's pretty popular, and less than 15 minutes from where I live. Ambiance? Um, not so much. Yarn riches? Plenty. Come this Friday, I'll be stalking knitters during knit night there.

Here's some bounty I copped there. Good old Cascade 220.

I have to find some good knitting spots, because when I try to knit at home, it's all cat. I get a few stitches done, maybe a row, then I have to stop and wrassle my project loose from clinching feline jaws.


woolanthropy said...

Oh yeah...that's the Mira I know. Wild as wild can be and all antics! Wiggs he just wants to sleep on any knitting to be found. He thinks it's the coziest place to nestle up.

Oh gotta go and clean up dog pee.

Good thing I love my animals.

jessie said...

I have GOT to keep up on my blog reading. A new cat and a total relocation?

Slow down, I'm still trying to catch up.

Congratulations on the move. And the cat.

Ellen Bloom said...

Ooooo..pretty aqua Cascade! What are you making? I like that that your new LYS is the same color as your new yarn!

Christie said...

Parking is a nightmare, that's for sure. Looks like you're making yourself right at home and finding new and exciting places to hang. How long has it been since you left? A week?

Orchidophile said...

Goodness, she's a handful! Glad that you've found some new spots in your new town.