Saturday, October 11, 2008

night rider

Now that I've announced that the mundane is in town, I shall on with it.

Notes on a Scandal is on HBO. It might be the last great film I saw in a movie theater. Sooo good. Judy Dench and Cate Blanchett are outstanding. You want suspense? A taut story? Acting so masterful that it's a study in craft? This movie brings it. I could watch it repeatedly, and that's not something I can say about many films. The only downside is that you realize roles this good don't come along for women nearly often enough. What a shame it is.

Today's Big Accomplishment was a night drive to Tar-zhay and Ross. Hmm. Things are different around here. That's for sure. In the kitty cat aisle at Target I had a ten-minute conversation with a woman who asked my thoughts on litter box training a feral kitten. There we were, casually chatting about cats like neighbors over a fence. In LA? With a stranger? Ne-VER.

I have to keep in mind that Texas is southern in its own right. Southern. Read: laid back. Read: nonchalant. Read: relaxed about things that are held down a little more tightly up in de nor'. And over in de eas' 'n wes'. I mean, I'm strolling through Target, which is about an 8-minute drive from where I live (hotness), looking for a squirt bottle so I can discipline you know who, when I see a Target employee, a girl clearly marked as such by her red shirt emblazoned with a Target logo, khaki slacks, and name tag, strolling from the cash register area toward the beauty products sucking on a pop and talking on a cell phone. Mind you, I'd already noticed a cluster of Target team members shootin' the breeze near the customer service area when I walked in. They were carrying on like it was break time at the lockers, right before the bell rings. After I saw the girl, mere minutes went by before another employee sauntered past me, loudly handling some personal business on his cell phone.

This, after Natalie noticed on-the-clock workers munching on the salad bar at Central Market the other day.

We of the gentrified manners aren't accustomed to such sights.


Carat said...

If you enjoyed the movie notes on a scandal, I cannot even begin to explain how highly I recommend the book "What was she thinking" subtitled "Note On a scandal" which the movie was based on.

woolanthropy said...

This just reminded me of when I lived in Raleigh. Fast food was not fast. They could have made it from scratch in the time it took to put your fast food in a bag. I am so serious.

Anonymous said...

Those teens don't bother me much as long as I'm attended to when I need it and as long as their conversation is appropriate for 8yo ears. I agree, that movie was fantastic