Sunday, October 12, 2008

west meets east

I kinda sounded like an ass about the South last post. Since my family is southern (they left Arkansas but Arkansas never left them), I'm pretty 'bama myself, and I feel entitled to call surly when I see it. Twenty years ago if I'd been plunked down in the middle of a Target sales floor and allowed to yuk, yak, and snack, I would've been all over it. And I would've been none too quick about doing my actual work.

Anyways. I've topped my trips to Ross and Target with today's Big Accomplishment. I went in search of knitters, at a place called Te House of Tea. I saw on Ravelry that they have a Sunday gathering there, so I headed over when I realized that between my working online, the cost of gas, and my hermity ways, I could never go outside again. Time for a pointed effort to get out and meet folks.

Alas, today wasn't the day to meet fellow Houston knitters. I breathlessly rushed inside Te, looked right and left, ahead and behind, up and down, and saw nary a single one. I decided to hang out a while, check out the clientele.

The ladies were engaging in a mean game of mahjong. I started knitting, and after they packed up the one with her back to the camera (with the long braid) asked me what I was making. I showed her my pattern. (I won't show you guys because I think I've already changed my mind.) She said she knits some, but mostly crochets. She's currently knitting socks, though, and said she'll bring them next week to show me. She was really nice, and quite colorful.

Maybe next Sunday I'll get in on the mahjong.

And have more of this delicious spinach and feta quiche.


Ellen Bloom said...

Good for you, Carlita! That was brave to just hang out with your knitting and quiche among strangers!

woolanthropy said...

That quiche and salad looks really good. Can we go to Mahjong next time I come to town? I have always wanted to learn. I love the clicking sound of the tiles. That place looks nice, but where were the knitters?

Christie said...

Mah Jong, how cool is that? How to choose between knitting and Mah Jong?

Anonymous said...

You are a brave girl. I definitely would not have ventured out so quickly and would have enjoyed my hermittiness for another month or two, at least. Your lunch looks delicious. And that knitting thing? Not so easy or relaxing I've come to discover.