Wednesday, October 08, 2008

bad putty tat

Everybody loves Miss Mira! I do too.

Her new nicknames? The Monster. The Beast. My Little Demon. This adorable, sweet looking little cat Tears Shit Up.

She's hyper like she's on crack. If there's nothing to fight she'll fight her own tail. She doesn't go in for snuggling and smooching, but she's a huge fan of clawing necks and trying to bite off noses. Poor Natalie has been awesome to Mira, and in return, in the wee hours of the morning, Mira has tried to nurse on her head and ears, and when she couldn't coax out any milk, she commenced to rabbit kicking Natalie's head off. One morning this went on for two hours. That day we decided nighttime would find Mira locked in her carrier so that Natalie's head could be safe for sleep. The funny thing is that when we put her in, she whined for about a minute, then fell asleep. It's been that way for three nights, only tonight she didn't whimper, and fell right to sleep. She's like a little kid. She wears herself out but won't sleep unless we put her to bed.

At my new temporary digs (oh well), I had to pay a 200 dollar pet deposit. Mira has already ripped a hole in the vinyl 0000000-p (<--- Mira's handiwork) lounge chair. I see my 200 dollars slip sliding away.

But she IS cute. Right now Schmin, who will be joining me in Houston as soon as we can get everything together, can't look after her but wants to keep her. So here she is with me. She's an asshole, but love bears all things.


Adrienne said...

Tee hee! Very cute indeed! LOL

Stacy said...

Oh Mira Monster.... no more eating vinyl. Isn't it a good thing she's cute?

Anonymous said...

Ahh, those are just some of the things little cats do! When my cat decided to stretch herself on my brand new curtains and drapes and then claw her way down, that was when she wasn't allowed in the family room at ALL.
I'd be out gardening and that little 'begger' would attack me from behind shrubs and bushes....I was scared of my own cat!!!LOL...

My DH is flying out of Houston tomorrow!!! How is that for coincidence?


woolanthropy said...

That Beastie. I can't say I won't miss her biting me but I will miss her mad ninja skills.

Frank said...

"but love bears all things"

Amen Sistah!

Anonymous said...

Whew! Glad you got there safely.