Saturday, October 18, 2008

reaching out

I saw this video earlier in the week on HuffPo. It made me, and a lot of people, cry. I went on to donate money to Jocelyne Voltaire, and I'm happy to know that, according to Code Pink, the organization that stepped up to assist Jocelyne, her house was saved. But, she still needs all the help she can get to keep up her monthly mortgage payments. It would be great if we, her fellow Americans, could keep assisting her while she mourns the loss of her beloved son.

So many stories of people struggling. It's possible to become hardened, but in Jocelyne's case, I can't see how anyone with a pulse wouldn't want to help. The outpouring of love that she's already received from perfect strangers bears me out, and is enough to inspire faith in people.


mj said...

It got me. I donated. Love to you!

afrowalking said...

We lived in Hempstead in the 60s, until I was seven and were struggling even then.