Thursday, May 29, 2008

two on the needles

Today I'll post my baby sweaters in progress as a quickie.

The teal-y one is what I swatched the other day for Bubs's friends' baby, Africa. (Yes, that's her name. A continent full of beautiful girl names and her parents had to go literal.) The impossible to photograph red one is something my friend Carol offered to pay me to knit, a sweater for her new cousin. I'm so slow in knitting it that I might not charge her for it. I've got no interest in seaming that other sleeve (the first one has its share of lumps 'cause seaming ain't my thang). The lace panel is easy but takes too much thinking for me these days.

But lovely patterns, these:
Easy Baby Cardigan
Presto Chango

That's today's offering. I'm going to try to get to some e-mails. I received such wonderful, supportive comments/e-mails on St. Vincent de Paul, Savior of Man
that I want to send out some thank yous (as well as some overdue hellos). And if Blogger obscures your e-mail address so that I can't write to you personally, I'll say it here, Thank you. :) In fact, thanks for the love on all my posts. It makes this blogging thing precious and worthwhile.


Deborah said...

of course I noticed the fabric background! Beautiful!

Guess what? I just bought me a brand new singer sewing machine, circa 1969! Well it's new to me. I bought it used for 35 bucks complete with its own maple wood cabinet!

Now let's see if I can ever learn to use it!

Adrienne said...

Ohhh I love the fabric that the sweaters are laying on! LOL and I got the CD today! I'll see my brother Sunday and give it to him then lol

Orchidophile said...

Too cute!

Ellen Bloom said...

Both of the sweaters are darling! I'll definitely show you how to crochet some buttonholes on the blue one when you're ready.

I think I'll change my first name to "Ukraine"....the birthplace of my ancestors! Hahahahaha! That little girl, Africa, will probably end up changing her name to Ann or something plain once she grows up!