Sunday, May 18, 2008

all over but the shoutin'

The passage of time is pulling me kicking and screaming away from my birthday, so I guess it's time to bid it adieu and get on with things.

I'll put up more party pics this week, to put a fine point on the good time that was had by all.

Meanwhile, I'm reuniting with Billy Blanks. My father called the day before my birthday while I was doing one of my tapes (from the original set. I know. So late 90s). I picked up and said, I gotta call you back. I'm turning 42, it's time to exercise. My dad laughed and said, Get it on, get it on!

So, I'm getting it on. Me no likey exercise much, but I'm accepting it. Billy I love, especially early Billy. He was so cheesy, even when he first came out. I get a kick out of his Spandex jumpsuits. When things get rough, they help to distract me from the torture of his workouts.

My favorite tape for busting out of slugdom is his first Basic Workout. When I put my copy in the VCR (that sounds so ancient, like saying, The other day I was driving along in my Studebaker...), I heard crunching, then nothing. The thing ate my Billy. I took it out and the tape snapped. Schmin said he'll take it to the shop and try to fix it, but why don't I go ahead and get a DVD? He said this like I've never heard of DVDs. So far, I haven't found the original set on DVD for less than a bajillion dollars.

Anyway. Do you guys Freecycle? To replace my tape I went on and posted a want ad. The same day a guy who lives around the corner responded and said he had a couple of Tae Bo tapes (he'd gotten them as part of an all-or-nothing lot on Freecycle). I think they're the 2nd or 3rd incarnation of Tae Bo, not the originals I'm looking for, but for free, they're perfect. I did one today and I think I have a broken ass now.

Welp, I'd better get going on... something important. I've been lost in iPod land. I mean just glued to iTunes importing songs and arranging things and syncing the Pod. Googling songs I haven't heard in ages to download. I feel like I'm smoking crack. I have to make a decision about a major move, but all I can do is paste album art while marveling at how sexy the iPod looks and sounds in its docking station.

Ah, well. The move will get made or it won't. I'm a Pod person now. As long as we have our crack, we don't care.


Hari said...

Oh Sappmamma, Happy Belated Birthday! The things one misses when deprived of Internet. You're one of the top things on that list!

(I moved before you did and I won't get internet hooked up for at least another two weeks...)

Enjoy your freecycling and Billy Blanks. I've taken up yoga and I LOVE it!

Laurie Ann said...

OMG, Carla. I just spent the better part of my Sunday putting all my favorite CDs on my brand new Pink iPod. (The gub'ment gave me money and I immediately gave it to the Apple store) It IS crack.

Adrienne said...

Billy Blanks is the truth

Anonymous said...

I am soooo having Ipod envy, like you wouldn't believe!!!!

I am ROFLMHO here, you are so funny.
Do you know, I think I actually have one of those Billy tapes! I wonder if it is the same, my dd was working out on a Buns of Steel or some such the other to check. You are so right, it is really cheesy.

Did you get that bag and those sandals? Those bag handles are WILD! What a simple design with a lot of uuummph!

No procrastinating....MOVE...if it is for the better, move even faster.


Nik said...

You know I stared at that bag for a full minute before I started reading. I love it. Where, on earth did you get it?

DarcyArtsy said...

OMG! My VCR ate my Billy too! I managed to get it out but haven't seen him in his cheesy blue jump suit since as my flabby arm can attest to!

Anonymous said...

I do freecycle, never Billy-ed before but have had a broken ass. I'm totally there with you on the "I'm getting older I gotta get in shape" journey. Was that part of your party wear or were they gifts? And you are so right about itunes being crack. I'm not as addicted as dh, but that's cuz I have many other addictions that keep me high. Keep enjoying your Month!

Orchidophile said...

Yes! Someone else admits that she has a VCR! LOL! Of course, mine bit the dust months ago, and I refuse at this time to upgrade!

I'm starting to work out again. It feels good...for now! I'm thinking about dusting off the old yoga mat!

Let's stay focused! LOL!

woolanthropy said...

You got a busted ass from freecycling?! I think that is hilarious. Let's keep those bodies moving. HIYAAAA!