Friday, May 02, 2008

open air

I'd love to be here, in a pretty cotton dress I made myself, sitting on a blanket, reading and eating grapes and some incredible cheese. Or just watching the water. Instead, I'm still packing and hauling and trying to stay in my new digs long enough to get organized. Hopefully, this weekend will clear the way for more spaciousness.


Anonymous said...

Girl. Me too. The wishing that's where I was. Maybe I'll head out there for breakfast tomorrow. I'm overdue for some good pancakes. Have you ever been to Dinah's on Sepulveda near the Howard Hughes Center? If not, don't ever go there. Anyway, there's an awesome little breakfast nook in Venice called Be Nice. Yes, some fresh, salty air, scrambled eggs, pancakes and sausage are calling to me. Just thinking about it is calming me down and sending me into vacationi mode. Thanks for the pic.

Adrienne said...

That looks SO peaceful!!!