Friday, May 23, 2008

mojo so so

I can't top yesterday's post today, so I won't even try. Instead I'll let it inspire me to get my sewing mojo working, so I can have something to show for myself next week. Happy weekend, everybody!


Adrienne said...

You have a great weekend too!!!

Nik said...

I really enjoyed reading the interview with Trista. I wish I could pull off that look.

Anonymous said...

And I still need to read it!!!!

Everytime I look at it, I really want to inhale every word and time is very limited these days. My (expletive) DS turned 20 on Thurs. and decided 2 days ago that he was going to have a party in our yard AND celebrate together with another friend (girl) who is turning 20 too.....the count so far is 30 people and of course, WE HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING...for him....because he can be sooo very helpless...expletives.....

Which is why I cannot find the peace of mind to sit and oogle and inhale every word...but I will, tomorrow.

Have yourself a great weekend Sappmama and get some sewing in...the neighbourhood here won't sleep tonight but they don't know it yet, neither will I, so I'll be sewing.

So, off to clean the bathroom they'll be using....whewwww