Wednesday, May 07, 2008

they go around the waist and they show good taste

Oh, that Lilia. She twisted my arm until I cried out, I'll join! I'll join! and signed up for this:

A breezy swap, dreamt up by Abby over at A Feathered Nest, which will indeed prove good summer fun. I can already feel it. Since my move, I've lost my sewing momentum (I'm a peep disoriented), and I'm thinking a cute, simple project like this could restore it. These could be famous last words, seeing as I've never made an apron, but I'm betting I'm safe to assume ease provided I don't go nuts with bells and whistles.

Let the swapping begin. Speaking of which, Natalie just finished her Bend-the-Rules Swap (deets on her blog). She received an adorable bag. She made an adorable bag, too, but she hasn't posted pictures of it yet.

Good swapping juju all around.


Ellen Bloom said...

Aprons! Easy peasy. You've already made a skirt, right? Well an apron is just half a skirt! You can do this blind-folded. Get to it, Mistress of all things fiberish!

sappmama said...

A rectangle? Maybe a ruffle? Easy street!

I'm ready, as soon as my fabric arrives. :)

yaiAnn said...

Oh dammit, I missed the deadline!

woolanthropy said...

My bag is now up too!
Swapping is lotso fun! I want to sign up for everything now but I signed up for a didgeridoo bag. I hope I can pull it off.