Monday, May 05, 2008

have at it

Yesterday's Sunday morning feeding frenzy was brought to you courtesy of Jet Rag. If it's not an LA institution, it ought to be.

Every Sunday they unload a warehouse of used clothes onto their parking lot and charge a dollar per item. I'd never been there when they rip open bags. People stand and wait for them to do this, then swarm whatever pours out. The rule is to grab for your life, then sort the stuff and see if you really want it once you've gained the safety of your own little spot off to the side.

I didn't do the big grab thing, just snapped a picture of the action and kept sifting through what was already out. I came up with some pieces to use for fabric/felting and maybe a dress or two to alter. My grand total was ten bucks.

I also shop their regular inside vintage collection. I got my birthday dress there last year. I paid 18 dollars for it.

Hey. Anyone want this book?

First person to leave a comment (saying you want it) and to e-mail me a mailing address gets it. US shipping is included. See, I told you there'd be more freebies around here. Take that, Jet Rag.


dandelionpicker said...

ooohhhhh me me me!!! I love books!

That store sounds like all kinds of fun!

Adrienne said...

Sounds like fun!!!!

woolanthropy said...

Sounds like the sharks were en masse at Jet Rag. Sorry I missed it.