Tuesday, March 25, 2008

what about the art?

Someone out there may be thinking, So, you had a great Easter with your son. It was sunshine and puppy butts. But you went to an art museum. What about the art?

I'll tell you what about the art. The art was historic, ridiculous, sublime, subliminal -- it was, well, art. But with a capital A. It was Art.

I'm close to making it my life's mission to stand in front of iconic works of art. My pinnacle is the Mona Lisa. I was braced for disappointment because the painting that is arguably the most famous on the planet is a lot smaller than its ubiquitous nature would have one believe, but seeing it in person was a momentous experience -- size, French guards yelling No photo! No photo! and tourists trying to sneak pictures anyway notwithstanding.

Where to go after the Mona Lisa? The Pyramids? Though they were built to serve a purpose, who can argue that they're not art?

LACMA is a lot closer to where I live than Egypt is. While I work on getting myself to the Pyramids, there is plenty of awe inspiring art to be found there. On Sunday, I ticked some crazy famous Andy Warhol's off my list. Two Marilyns and his Campbell's Soup Can paintings are part of the collection shown at the Broad Contemporary Art Museum (BCAM), the splashy new addition to LACMA.

If you're planning a trip to BCAM (and I mightily suggest you do), take a stroll through the established/traditional collections at LACMA first. (I'll explain why tomorrow.)

We started in the Ahmanson building, where we saw works by Picasso, Monet, Klee, and a favorite of mine, Kandinsky. We also saw the Africa avant-garde exhibition. On the outside wall of the room where it is set up hangs a large piece made from discarded metal, cans and things. It cascades from the wall to the floor. Schmin thought it looked like a quilt. (My kid speaks my language.)

Speaking of quilts, here are some other things that drew me in because of pattern.

Tomorrow I'll talk about the exuberant experience that is BCAM. (You betcha I'm going to milk this museum thing for three posts.)


Anonymous said...

Day 8

Some great pictures, thanks for sharing. I'll email you later.


Adrienne said...

Great pics! It does look like a quilt lol

Brena said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. I'm in love with the small box.

Christie said...

I so want to go to BCAM! There was a free weekend but we couldn't get over there. I might have to go this weekend.

The Mona Lisa is impressive, yes it is smaller than you think, but it's still amazing to see. The most impressive thing I saw at the Louvre was the Winged Victory of Samothrace...so amazing! You do have to get to Paris. Totally worth it...I'm still amazed I was there. Oh...the point of this...the French guards only yell at you if you go the wrong way in the line to see the Mona Lisa. You can take pictures. :)

Ellen Bloom said...

What is the deal? I, too, live within walking distance of the new BCAM and haven't been yet! Thank you for posting such great photos! I will go there within the next week.....you are an inspiration.

My fave art moment: Standing in front of Picasso's "Guernica" in Madrid. It was awe-inspiring.

yaiAnn said...

Love that lightpost photo! I don't nearly get to go to museums as often as I should.

woolanthropy said...

Mona looks good for her age. HA. I want to go to the museum too!