Sunday, January 20, 2008

mlk remembered

To acknowledge Dr. King's holiday, I'd like to offer this link to a post I did last year. I would love to visit Atlanta again, or maybe take a trip to Memphis, to learn even more about Dr. King, his life, and the evolution of his mission.

If you haven't read his famous "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," it is a beautiful, gripping essay and I humbly suggest taking a little time to read it.

Lastly, one of the best broadcasts on Dr. King that I have seen is "Citizen King," presented by PBS's American Experience. It's available on DVD. I recommend it for your Netflix queue.


Adrienne said...

I will have to get that so my kids can see it!

sappmama said...

It's great for kids to watch, too.

Nik said...

Hey there,
nope, haven't opened the Necchi yet. I plan to do it tomorrow, though.

Anonymous said...

Nik get the best oil you can purchase for your necchi. If you can get your hands on some gun oil (I just hate to write that), it is for fine machinery so excellent for getting into those hard to reach areas. You may also want to get some light non-flowing grease that will adhere to the parts.

To give it a good clean out before the oil use either denatured alcohol or brake fluid, the type in the spray can with the long applicator is good. If any of the cleaning fluids reach the motor, wait a couple hours before running the machine (evaporation).


Anonymous said...

Sappmama, excellent post. Thanks for the remainder. I went back to your previous post and saw the beautiful pictures.

Where is Mrs. King buried in relation to Dr. King. Is her grave in a garden on the premises or are they now close together?

Isn't it strange that the children all turned out so.....uhhhhh....strange? With such lovely parents and parenting....just goes to show.

I watched Mrs. King's funeral service on the telly and I was appalled at the speech her youngest daughter gave!!! What a rant? I mean, it was just her mom's funeral, not a political conference. IMO, it overshadowed everything and it was clear that people felt a bit imposed on. OK, so that was just MO.

Now I am off to read that article you pointed to in the link.


sappmama said...

So much has happened in that family. It's no wonder none of the King children ever had children.

I guess there's the feeling of an obligation to use every opportunity, even a funeral, to carry on political business. Still, I feel exactly like you do.