Monday, January 07, 2008

let's go to paris!

I've long been wanting to post pictures from my trip to Paris last March. I only put up a few. Today, let's take a little trip, shall we? Let's start with the crafty part of my journey. It's only a small part, as the purpose of my trip was to see Paris and to see my friend Michelle, and there wasn't a lot to warrant being on the losing end of the dollar/euro exchange rate for yarn and fabric.

The theme of these photos is "stealth" (read: there's some blur). I didn't dare risk getting cussed out francophone style by setting up shots or using a flash in places where I'd heard taking pictures would be frowned upon. In the Bon Marche, the saleswomen looked liked they'd eaten little colored girls from Ohio for lunch. Seriously mean-nasty. I skulked around, checking out the wares, surreptitiously snapping here and there.

(Click for big.)
The good stuff, the mercerie (notions store), is upstairs. It's definitely worth a trip because it has a little bit of everything, all arranged in a pretty-pretty fashion. I didn't buy anything, but I did enjoy looking.


Adrienne said...

Oh the horror!!! LOL you didnt' buy ANYTHING!? LOL Glad you had a good time!

Annika said...

They may be blurry, but oh are they ever lovely. I could get lost in a store like that.

woolanthropy said...

I love the stealth,bond photo styling. They make me want to buy a ticket to Paree. Croissants and notions...MMmmmmmm.

Christie said...

AUGH! You should have told me about that before I went! Oh well...I didn't want to be on the losing end of the exchange rate either, so it's all for the best, right?

L.A. Ell said...

Nice pix...I especially like the stealth/blurry ones...on the run and fresh.

Of course, the notions section at Bon Marche looks faboo, HOWEVER, have you ever been to L.A.'s garmet district in the fabric and notions blocks? Other than Michael Levine's, there are hundred of fantastic shops with just as great trim, fabric, ribbons, beads, etc. You just have to be able to hoof it down the street and carry a large totebag!

Ms. Los Angeles

sappmama said...

I actually bought NADA. LOL. Even I can't believe it. Now I kinda wish I'd scored some of that wool felt, just because.

Annika, I know what you mean. I did get lost in it.

yaiAnn said...


sappmama said...

Ha ha! Isn't it?

franknotes said...

Oh man, I LOVE Le Bon Marche! It's my favorite place to spend an afternoon in Paris. The way they have their fibers and such set up reminds me of the mercantile my gramma used to shop at when I was a kid. Without the need to take out a second mortgage to buy something though... ;)

Anonymous said...

If I ever get back to Paris I shall go see what this shop is all about. I am sure though that I wouldn't like it. It looks like a place where you have to have constant sales assistant and you are not allowed to touch anything.
Don't you just love how these damn old colonists behave???? One would think????na na na!!!
I am so very happy that you didn't leave your money in there. People who take MY money have to be nicer/helpful and realise that MY money goes towards their salaries.

I have always wanted to ask for the manager/owner in one of these shops to ask if racist behaviour is store policy.
I remember walking into a knickknack shop upstate NY and asked for a buckle or something like that. I was 'barked' at from behind the counter. I tell you, I just stood there wondering if in this day and age that these ignoramouses still existed. I was literally barked at twice....the second barking more ferocious as in 'leave this store, git'. Oh well, you guessed it, wouldn't have wanted to leave my money there either.
I try so hard not to take these things to heart but this is such a small world!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh sappmama, 1.30pm is from Heather. Forget to sign.

sappmama said...

Frank, whatever happened to mercantiles? I want a mercantile.

Hi, Heather! The Bon isn't nearly as bad as La Droguerie. There's a little man there, sitting in a little cage, and you have to hand him orders and things. Pawing and fawning must be kept to a minimum.

Oh my God! "Git?!" Even implied, that's way too much. And you're right, unbelievable when you're on the receiving end.