Thursday, January 24, 2008

if this be grammar, bring me more

On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I teach my online classes. The grand exchange of energy and ideas in a live classroom setting -- so passe. This online teaching is inspired. One more way in which the Internet has taken the bland palate of my life and filled it with Coca Cola and Pop Rocks. I don't care if I'm dancing on the edge. It tastes so damn good.

I mean, could I really be doing this while teaching live?

I've got my little chat window going with the students. I toss up a question I know it'll take them a while to answer. In the background, I've got a knitting site going. This one is a refresher on how to weave in ends while knitting. I'd forgotten one of the moves.

By the time I've gotten the info I need, some smarty has typed in an answer. I give a pat on the back, maybe a smiley face, then I lecture a wee bit.

Then I ask another tricky question.

My belly starts to growl, so I take a chip break.

Then it's back to knitting some more.

Let the hallowed halls burn. I've got my cable connection.


Adrienne said...

hahahahha! LOVE IT!

woolanthropy said...

What do you think the students are doing while they are online in class? Very interesting multitasking going on I suspect.

sappmama said...

LOL! Woolanthropy, I don't doubt it for a second. A win-win situation for all!

Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! This is an excellent way to teach....and learn! Believe me, if I could have knit or crocheted during lectures in college, I would have!

Hmm? Maybe this could be a career move for you? You can live anywhere and teach online!

Anonymous said...

Howling with laughter here, what a hoot and you get paid for that!!!???.

Nice tutorial! Thanks but no thanks...I am just teaching myself to knit with multiple colours and I'm just knitting something really a s*q*u*a*r*e...Lol...only to see that I haven't even begun to knit it correctly. Mind you, I haven't read all the mountain of knitting books purchased in the past 3weeks (8)and(2still in the mail),so it might be in one of them...yet...
I am still contemplating purchasing 'Knitting in Plain English' because 'Sweater Design in Plain English'is such a fabulous book.


sappmama said...

Heather, isn't it too funny? I have to work a little hard, but not much!

My! Those Plain English books are, in my tiny knitting brain, rather advanced. Many people would disagree, and I haven't looked at them in a couple of years, but I remember being like, Wha? It wasn't plain English to me! Bring me big pictures and videos, like on

Anonymous said...

Sappmama, I am looking down the road ahead (with those books)instead of at the knitting in my, the plain English requires sitting down and reading time, I think...says me who can't I think I'd be able to use it if I really worked at it.
Who says I don't have knittinghelp cds in my desk drawer...big lol...

You are such an accomplished needleworker I think, that looking books, would probably be like walking backwards up a hill for you.

Just found some Adinkra symbols online, oh how I would love to stamp them onto fabric or knit them into a blanket. Maybe Dover has them digitized. The stamps are called 'woodinkum' in the Ghanian language but can't find that term online.

Heather said...

Now why did I sign anon? uhhhmmm..

sappmama said...

Hey, Heather. There are those programs, I can't think of where to find them right now, that let you turn images into knitting charts. It probably wouldn't be to hard to chart on of those beautiful Adinkra symbols. Wait! Found one --

I haven't used it. If you try it, let me know how it turns out.

Oh, and believe me, I could STILL use some Knitting in Plain English!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sappmama,
Thanks so much for that link, I'll look into it later today. Thanks too for featuring my little set-up aka table with books and was so nice of you, but it does look like eye candy, doesn't it. It is all about practising the 'stitch' LOL. I get 'knitting envy' when I see what others are knitting up and I can't knit....well I can sew, and that is all the needlework I do but I do love sweaters so!

sappmama said...

It DOES look like candy! Eye candy and candy candy. :)