Wednesday, January 23, 2008

a brilliant post about fascinating things written from a place of pure genius

Or, perhaps not.

I could've just titled this post "Pretty Ball," in an effort to distract you from the mundanity.

But here's my life, in all its glory.

I'm working on the first of the two baby kimonos I'm knitting for Natalie's friends' twins. I wanted to have both done in time for Natalie to take them to the baby shower, which would've been by today, but it ain't gonna happen. I get the feeling this is an easy pattern, but I keep jacking it up. In light of this, I'm planning on sewing some stuffed animals, and trying to get them to Natalie by nightfall. She's flying out for the shower early tomorrow morning.

It would be far easier to deliver whatever I make if my car wasn't sitting on a random side street somewhere in Los Angeles, refusing to start. This car is a real fucktard. It's inanimate, so I can say that. If you see it, please set it on fire for me.

I have so far resisted a yarn binge, even though I want some WOTA Bulky and all the Tahki Cotton Classic I can get my mitts on. Because of the pending budget (Heather and Adrienne, catch me if you can!), I am compelled to buy up all I can. That way I won't want for much for the rest of the year. What a scam that is. The wants, they never end. I am experiencing real fear here, people. Just like with the toilet paper and paper towels, I feel like if I don't grab the goods now, they'll be sucked off the face of the earth and I'll wander around feebly searching for them until I turn to dust.

Ah, the joy of insanity.

The ball on that tree has achieved balance. Let me give it a shot. Here, a good stuff round-up:
  • I can walk without crutches, on just the walking boot.
  • I was an hour late for work yesterday and didn't catch any flack about it.
  • Pee Vee was a hit in the office. (Needle felted creatures for all!)
  • All the fabric I want to use is washed and ready to go, thanks to The Bubba.
  • The weather's been cool enough to wear knits, if only at night.
  • I can buy another car.
  • I straightened out some student loan stuff.
  • I'm not pregnant. (A non-issue, but always a good thing.)
Alrighty then. Life's great.


Adrienne said...

Can't wait to see the Kimono's!! And yes its 2am and I am not sleepy lol

sappmama said...

LOL! I won't give you a hard time, then. :)

Nik said...

I do believe that Tahki Cotton Classic is my favorite mercerized cotton yarn. I keep returning to it for my cotton projects. It's the cabled strands and the pretty colors that make me lose it.

Congrats on being able to lose the crutches. Looks like you'll be healed in no time:D

Ellen Bloom said...

The babies aren't born yet. The kimonos can be mailed.

Love the photo of the ball in the tree. You do have an eye for detail, my dear.

woolanthropy said...

the hording/wanting thing is a challenge. yeah a challenge. but no crutches, felted penguins, warm woolies to wear and not being pregnant = good things.