Monday, April 30, 2007

take the l out of lover and it's over

Thursday night I lay down in my apartment. Friday morning I got up in hell. I didn't go to sleep in between so I don't know how I missed the transition. But, somehow, I did.

So I have entered a time of great personal difficulty. In the coming days on this blog there will likely be blabbering. There will definitely be the making of many, many things because that is what will save my ass.

What I am going through involves my marriage and I can only conclude one thing--

Marriage: Here there be dragons.

Let us get on with the making, shall we?

On Saturday Miss Natalie threw us a little shindig, "Crafts and Cocktails" (we got right down to business and did the latter first).

Polaroids are my latest thing so I took my new used camera to the party. I've scored some gizmos and learned some tricks to go with, and here's the true Natalie, the hostess with the sure enough mostess:
There was also Tami, who had to leave fairly early because, although I gave her shit about it, she is a responsible mom and had to go do responsible mom stuff.

After she left, we got serious about working on our projects and, oops, more drinking.

Don't even be fooled by the fact that Lori's holding knitting. After this shot, she put it down and boozed it up like the rest of us.

This is Darcy, knitting after a few too many:

And Mary Jo, who can really hold her liquor knit up a storm.

At the end of the night, Darcy helped Natalie strain the joy juice and put it away for future imbibement.

The highlight of the evening was our rollicking karaoke session. I didn't get any pics of that. I was too busy performing crowd pleasers like "Total Eclipse of the Heart." (Please, Bright Eyes, just turn the fuck around.) It wasn't long before we all sang songs together. I got the pleasure of choosing our closing number. I thought Alanis's "You Oughta Know" seemed cheerful enough.

Here's a godawful shot of the project I worked on:

I embroidered a butterfly. At the time, I didn't see the symbolism. Now I'm thinking there may be something to it.


Laurie Ann said...

I'm sending virtual hugs to you because you seem like you may need them. But it looks like you gals had a blast with the drinking and the craftiness.

summer said...

love you.

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Glad you had a good time... ((((hugs to you)))))

Deborah said...

sending good vibes...

and coming from a twice married 20 years married sister girl from the east coast - it don't get better it only gets bearable...

miss kendra said...

i am thinking good thoughts for you.

Gina L said...

It looks like you have some fun friends to help you through this. Saying it is "Over" is such a difficult thing to say. There is always pain behind it if it is your choice or not. I hope that there will be happiness in your life and lots of knitting to carry you through. Believe me I have been there.

mj said...

I can hold my liquor!! And my knitting! Thanks for the great pictures -- it really was a lot of fun. As for the have plenty of friends and folks who love you. Do as I did -- USE THEM!!!

jessie said...

Hang in there.

sappmama said...

You all, it is such a blessing to receive so much support. Thank you a hundred times over.

Thank God for our crafty natures, hunh?