Friday, April 06, 2007

eye candy friday -- oh baby oh

Goodness! I seem to only make appearances for Eye Candy Friday these days, and late Eye Candy Friday at that. But I'm glad to have this obligation because it keeps me posting when my time is short and it keeps me thinking about posting even when I can't come here and do it. Plus, as my interest turns more and more to photography (I said "my interest," not "my skill") my dedication to ECF pushes me to try harder to develop and carry out a vision. Eh, sometimes I get there.

Since the Paris post will take me time to get together (there's so much I'd like to share), and I won't be showing the contest prizes until (hopefully) early next week, I figured I'd dedicate today's ECF to, well, today.

A few months ago (January? December?) I found I could no longer fight the urge to throw myself into modular knitting. I'd long been planning to do a baby blanket from some Lion Cotton I had stashed. I had the usual dirty dozen (and the dirty dozen's cousins) on the needles, but, with great gusto, I cast on for the blanket. I made two squares then called up Natalie and told her how wonderful and soothing this modular thing was. I could make squares forever, I declared. I carried on, then I got word that one of my friends was a few months pregnant. I decided to give the blanket to her, but y'all know how it is. The baby's birth always seems eons away. So does the baby shower.

So I didn't worry when, after about ten more squares, my usual project ADD set in. I set the squares aside and moved on without a care. This is a fine example of something I really like about myself: I don't nag me too much.

Only maybe, when it comes to making stuff on a deadline, I should at least occasionally shake a threatening finger at myself as I pass a mirror.

Word is bond. My friend's baby shower is tomorrow.

This here is what I'm working with. I am not having much fun breaking my fingers (and having to miss seeing Grindhouse with The Bubba) to get the blanket done, but taking these pictures felt good. The light was better than I thought, and the image of the turquoise blue -- though it could be a tad more green -- makes me happy.

Today I finished the last five squares and I'm in the process of stitching all of them together. It'll be my first time putting on backing, but with the aid of those who've gone before me and been nice enough to tell about it on the Internet, I'll figure out a quick way to get it done.

Lord willing and the crick don't rise, I'll soon be able to post pics of the finished blanket. After gifting it, bless my soul.

UPDATE: 10:10am Saturday. The top is done. I've whipstitched it together and The Bubba is headed to the laundrymat to wash it and the backing fabric while I head to Target for gift packaging and the customary store bought item it's so classy to include with handmade gifts. Target = busy as hell. The Bubba at the laundrymat = wildcard. Departure time for shower = 1pm. I'll still have to sew on the backing and tack quilt the whole thing between Target and then. Will I make it?

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: 11:27am. Back from Target. Not too bad. Checked on Bubs at the laundry. Blanket and backing drying well. No fading on either. Yay. Preparing to use sewing machine to practice putting backing on 1 square. Can I do it? Only if I get off this blog!


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

this is going to be so beautiful!!! Can't wait to see it put together!

Annika said...

I can't wait to see it all put together! It's going to be splendid.

reluctantMANGO said...

Fingers crossed for you! Looks like it'll be a beautiful blanket for the new baby :)

afrowalking said...

LOL on the updates. Let's see the beautiful blankie! :-)

sappmama said...

LOL! I tried to illustrate the drama I was going through. New rule: Complete all gifts at least 3 days before they're due. We'll see how that goes. :)

Thanks for cheering me on!