Sunday, April 08, 2007

done is better than perfect

The deed is done.

The shower officially started at 1pm. My goal was to be there by 2, as this was a casual backyard affair. At 2, I was just finishing sewing on the backing, using the old face-to-face, sew all around but leave a hole, turn inside-out trick nicely detailed here. Once that was done, I did some of the tacking to see how it would look. I liked the red, so red it was. I snapped a few shots, took measurement (27 x 23.5 -- small, but Bubs said it was okay because I was looking to cover a newborn, not its parents), grabbed the stuff I'd bought at Target (washcloths, onesies, baby wash, a rubber duckie) and placed in this cute little box

Also from Target. Adorable, yes?
and off we went.

With Bubba at the wheel, I spent the 45 minute ride tacking the quilt. Sometimes the backing would get a funny pull in it when I stuck the yarn through to the front and I'd have to do each tack over. When we pulled up in front of the house, I was done tacking and was trying to get the blanket wrapped. I could see people in the backyard -- and they could see me -- so I asked Bubs to pull around the corner. He did, but not too happily because he was starving and had spied the food table. I have to give Ye Olde Bubs lots of credit. While I was at Target, he washed and dried the blanket top and the backing fabric, an operation that took a couple of hours because the thick Lion Cotton creation did not go gently into that good dryness. In fact, the thing was still a bit damp when I gave it to the mom-to-be.

Looking at the pictures of the finished project gives me a tinge of regret over the whipstitching. I suck at using the mattress stitch and, had I used it, it would've taken me twice as long to get done. I did the whipstitch thing at 7 in the morning and from that part of day, it looked fine. Post wash, though, the uneveness of the stitches really shows. I haven't thrown myself on a sharp object over this is because it actually looks better in person. So poo on you, pictures.

The road to the shower:

Über-talented Natalie made me a beautiful set of gift tags for my birthday last year. They're from a photo Schmin took of me reveling in the glory of ImaginKnit. I'd used the photo for my party invitations and Natalie took one and made tags. They're very dear to me. I fondly think of them as "the narcissistic tags" because they feature my big old head in technicolor. And because I love looking at them so much.

She even included the title of one of my blog posts.

Finally, wrapping it up (featuring more Target supplies. They should pay me for advertising):

And the moment that gives us an excuse to knit makes it all worth it:

My lovely friend really liked the blanket. Her friend was checking out the tag, wondering, Who does this chick think she is putting her face on everything? Oprah?

For absolutely no reason, here's a shot of my tablemate. Click for big and check him out close up.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Happy Sunday all around.


Annika said...

It is spectacular. Perfect is for god.

Nik said...

I LOVE what Annika said.
And I love those gift've got a beautiful smile, girlie.

Ellen Bloom said...

Amazing that you finished the blanket!!! I saw it (in pieces) on are a genius!

The mom-to-be looks so happy! Was the baby shower in the garage? I always look at backgrounds.

sappmama said...

Annika, I like that! You're so right.

Nik, thank you. That's sweet.

Ellen, I can't believe it either! I worked like a maniac. LOL! We all sat at tables in the backyard and the food and gift tables were indeed in the garage. It was a pretty nice set up, actually. The thing that made me nervous was that they had a pool and there were small kids running around. But I don't swim, so of course that would freak me out.

afrowalking said...

Too cute! and your labor is special enough!

summer said...

I love it. I love love love the idea of having it quilted with a backing. We have several hand-knit blankets from relatives, and we don't use them all that much because they don't have the soft heft or feel or whatever of the little flannel thingies. Maybe I have a problem with holes in blankets? I don't know.