Monday, March 12, 2007

it ain't the lotto, but it's got a big winner!

The winner of the sweater tote is Kellz!

I felt the need to do it 'til I was satisfied, so I drew a 2nd place winner too!

My assistant, Pig, will say it again

Kellz, lover of Lizz Wright's Salt, and Grace, lover of Astor Piazzolla, please e-mail me your mailing addresses. I'm at Kellz, a fabulous sweater tote will soon be coming your way. Grace, your prize is a surprise.

Thanks so so much to everyone who entered. Good times, yes?

Viva la musica! :)


afrowalking said...

Ah man! or should I say Pig! :-) Congrats to the winners! What fun! Thanks!!!

sappmama said...

Don't you love how Pig is happy no matter what? lol

Suzanne said...

A wonderful contest. Congratulations to the lucky winners.

After I quickly entered my answer, I spent the rest of the week think of all the other music that has been of great influence.

Thank you Sappmama... I love your blog and will visit again for more inspiration.

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...


kellz said...


how about i am soooooo excited. thanks, sappmama!
i will send you my info in your email.

now i know i will be "upgraded" when i get this bag! hey!!


cpurl17 said...

That was a fun contest! Love your piggy assistant!

Prairiedaun said...

Awww, pig!

gracie bea's momma said...

aw man ... i can't believe i missed the contest (i was asleep at the pump)!

but omigod you're so frickin groovy. i swear, if i was gay and you were too, i'd beg you to marry me.


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...


Summer said...


It was a fun contest anyway, and it made me realize our house is much too quiet and I've got to get something in my head besides the theme song to "It's Big big World"

sappmama said...

LOL! Thanks, guys. I had BIG fun. I'll do another contest of some sort one of these days.

I have seriously been enjoying the two CDs I've so far discovered through the contest -- Children Running Through and Jeff Buckley's Grace (hi, Shobhana). I highly recommend both of them.