Friday, March 16, 2007

eye candy friday -- ode to caffe mocha

you have found me here
at 40
drag-assed and frantic
wanting to do every single thing
i've never done
and all at once
because time
is not what it used to be

i need you
though i have shunned your kind
my entire life

you do not take this personally

i come for you and you lift me up
to ride the sky
like a baby

because i am an infant
in this game we play
i walk away from you
with the jitters
and feeling, shall we say,
a little loose?

never mind that

all that matters
is that you are legal
and the only one
strong enough
to keep me from
drooling on my desk
in the middle of
the day


afrowalking said...

LOL good! :-)

Steven said...

Help her, Jebus.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I don' know nuthin bout pooetree, but that Picher is beautimous!!!

jessie said...

Sheer music to the ear. :-)

msaims said...

wow! i am blown away by your writing. new to the blog thing but i have been devouring your blog all day. this poem is too funny. love my coffee! i had tears in my my eyes when i read about 3rd st laundry, how your son is the best thing you ever made and 'kickin' babies. you are a skillful story weaver.amy in australia