Friday, June 29, 2007

eye candy friday -- happy endings

Today it's more like follow-up Friday. I've been intending to post the prizes I made for the contest winners for a while. If you know me personally, you might recognize that the photography studio where I shot each prize was my car. It took me so long to settle down and get the prizes made that I zoomed them to the post-office hot off the sewing machine. I posed them on/in my car and snapped a few before dropping them in the mail. This is not something I can do now. My car looks like it's been through an Alabama mud slide. Seriously, it's so dirty I'm thinking about selling it. Kinda like when you buy new underwear when the thought of doing laundry is too daunting. Or is that just me?

sweater tote with lotus flower cutouts -- for kellz

zippered, embroidered pouch -- for grace

Both recipients sent me the nicest e-mails once they (um, finally) got their loot. The next time I do a contest, I'll make the prizes beforehand. But at least I'm good for 'em. :)

Fun stuff to make, especially the pouch, because I don't have much experience with zippers or linings. When I finished it, I realized it still needed something. Natalie and I happened to be getting our make on at her house that day, so I asked her if she maybe had any beads or leather cord or anything interesting to embellish the zipper pull. She whipped out a freakin' 2 foot tall jewelry making station, complete with gorgeous beads, tools, wires, everything. Ya gotta love crafty gal like that.

Speaking of the Natster, she's doing the most amazing thing, a yogathon. Starting tomorrow morning, she'll be striking poses all day long and throughout the night for the benefit of Habitat for Humanity. She'll finish on Sunday. So far, she's raised over a thousand dollars for the cause. I'm beyond proud of her. Natalie, you're an inspiration.


Deborah said...

You sewers, I'm so jealous...

mj said...

I, too, buy underwear instead of doing the laundry. I don't think that is weird at all.
Your prizes are terrific. Why didn't I join?

Ellen Bloom said...

The prizes turned out great, Carla! Lucky winners.

Yes, that Ms. Natalie is a super inspiration. I actually stopped by the Yogathon last night to watch for a bit. I got there during the dinner break, so all I saw was a lot of sweaty yogathon-ers eating brown rice! Our super crafty Natalie, of course, was glowing!