Friday, May 25, 2007

eye candy friday -- going in circles

Terry, my co-worker and future BFF, has a birthday the day before mine. At our school, it was birthday-o-rama last week because Terry's is the 15th, mine the 16th, and Steve, my office mate, was born on the 17th. I didn't craft for Steve because, aside from the fact that we're great office buddies but not close otherwise, he's the type of guy who's had everything he owns and wears since 1952 and is quite satisfied with it all. But Terry's got good friend potential, so I did a little get-up for her:

I usually Photoshop my eye candy but I don't have time right now (plane to catch in 3 hours, not packed, guess I'd rather be here). Just imagine vibrant, fun embroidery thread color. I got the idea for this pouch from this fantastic Craftster post. I wanted to embroider something on the front but didn't know what, so, after another design wound up in the circular file (get it, circular file? ha ha ha), I took inspiration from one of my all-time favorite fabrics, which I used for lining:

I have to say I do love me some embroidery. I'm slow at it. My stitches are the personification of wonk. But I love it.

Terry sometimes makes noise about taking up a hobby, even mentioning knitting from time to time (she got me a gift certificate from Stitch Cafe, which is near where she lives, fell in love with the place, and is thinking of going back for a class of some kind). To give her a little push but not an I-spent-a-fortune-on-this-yarn-so-you'd-better-learn-to-knit kind of shove, I went through my stash and made a little kit for her with some leftover Lion Cotton and Boye needles. I also included a couple of easy washcloth patterns. If she takes the bait, I'll let you guys know.

Well, I'm off to bite the Big Apple. I haven't been in New York in the spring since I left five years ago. It'll be great to be there and not have to worry (too much, it's only May) about freezing my cojones off.

Happy Memorial Day.


Adrienne said...

LOVE circles!!!!!!!!! I got my package! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Laurie Ann said...

Steve could always use a new scarf.

Tell him Happy Birthday from me. (He was my favorite teacher, but only because I didn't have you to teach me.)

afrowalking said...

Goodness, is this what became of your handiwork at the pond? :-) LOVE it - especially the lining. You're brilliant gurl.

drmimi said...

The embroidery reminds me of my grandma and great aunt's puff circles that they would make into pillows and quilts.

Ellen Bloom said...

THe embroidery looks great! LOVE the design.

Carla! You mean you didn't tell Terry about the Black Stitch Knittery sale? That would have definitely pushed her into taking up the craft!

Have fun in NY!

Deborah said...

Hey, happy belated birthday! May is such a nice month to celebrate a birthday!

sappmama said...

Thank you, my friends. There's sure to be more embroidery to come around here.

Laurie Ann, you're too funny. lol