Monday, October 09, 2006

crow, it's what's for dinner

I could blame my blogging absence on busyness and life stuff, but, really, it's this guy's fault:

Schmin. AKA, The Gloater.

He really thinks he's the shiznit just because he beat his mother in a photo contest.

Isn't he just pathetic?

Well, since you guys took enough pity on me to indulge in my little contest it's only right that I give you the results.

SET 1:

a. Shutterbug - Schmin

b. Shutterbug - me

Yeah. I know I know. A bunch of trees or the whole vast universe? No contest, which the votes revealed. I took a beat down on this one, 7 votes to 1.

SET 2:

a. Shutterbug - Schmin

b. Shutterbug - me

I believe my loss on this set is due to the fact that no one appreciates the magic of black and white photography anymore. Especially when it's flat and dull on a computer monitor. Feh. I figured the Where's Waldo quality of the deer in my photo would dazzle and mesmerize and lead to a win, but no. I went down 6-2 on this one, but at least my good friends V and Nat voted for me!

SET 3:

Shutterbug - me

b. Shutterbug - Schmin

This I cannot explain. I'll give Schmin his color photography and close-up deer and captivating water and earth, but 6 - 2 in his favor on this one? I think you guys are just being nice to him.

SET 4:

Shutterbug - Schmin

b. Shutterbug - me

Finally! Schmin - 0. La Mama - 8. (But of course when his photo didn't get any votes I thought, Doesn't anyone see the brilliance behind his picture? The movement? The palette? The emotion? ARE PEOPLE BLIND? THIS KID'S A GENIUS!)

SET 5:

a. Shutterbug - Schmin

b. Shutterbug - me

Oh well, at least I had a brief time in the sun. 6 - 2. Schmin's favor.

SET 6:

a. Shutterbug - me

b. Shutterbug - Schmin

Me - 5. Schmin - 3. This is where I thought I smelled a comeback.

SET 7:

a. Shutterbug - Schmin

b. Shutterbug - me

Schmin - 1. Me - 7.

I like rocks. Apparently other people have the good sense to like them too. I studied rocks in college. The course was called geology. It was conducted as a seminar because it was a general education requirement and --

okay I'll stop stalling. Final score -- Schmin - 29. La Mama - 27. BAH!

monkeygurrrrrl, I think you're gonna have to carry the torch. Defeat that lil' MG with gusto!


Anonymous said...

Don't give up with the photography i have seen some more of your stuff
you got talent.

jessie said...

Great title!

What great pictures from both of you. I didn't vote originally; apparently I am getting a bit sketchy keeping up with Bloglines. But I loved all of those pictures.

My take on some of the pictures. The bridges: Schmin gets the prize because of the composition; the sun and the upright are not so centered in his.

But I thought your bridge shot won out over his boat shot, or maybe I just like the clean lines of it.

Your pebble (shell?) in the hand is a beautiful shot, but I felt there was a lot more emotion in the portrait above.

What can I say, you guys are amazing! An eye for a good picture is something some people never learn. Good to see it's hit two generations of your family!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Yeah, you guys made it really hard to choose between the two - you are both really, really good. You should both feel proud of your work.

As for the WeeMonkeyGurl, I told her last nite that if she applies herself, she will soon be smarter than I am (which is high praise in our house, believe it or not), and it kinda scared me, because she really is inherently more intelligent. Good thing she's lazy, or I'd really have a fight on my hands!

Ellen Bloom said...

Yayyy! Carla's back! So glad we finally know the results! Both of you are very talented. Keep snappin' away!

Sahara said...

Hey, he can't knit.

sappmama said...

Sahara, actually, he can! He learned YEARS before I did.

Thanks everyone for the comments. Jessie, yours really got me to thinking! Now I totally get why his bridge shot works better than mine.

monkey, the lazy won't last forever. Your day of reckoning with the wee monkey will come!