Friday, October 27, 2006

let no 'ween go unhallowed

I missed last year's WeHo SnB Halloween extravaganza, but I can surely bear witness to this year's festivities. Good clean fun it was. Low-key and well produced by my buddy Natalie, who really knows how to throw a soiree, it was one of those nights that make me happy to call WeHo SnB home. Those crazy crafty chicas know how to wield so much more than knitting needles and crochet hooks. Take a look:

The Moth and the Fiber Fairy square off.

My crew -- Ellen, Nat, Darcy -- and Angela Davis, er, I mean, me.

Yarn Cowgirl Abby, who whipped up this cute costume at the last minute.

The Fiber Fairy brings Dolly Darcy to life.

See, crochet tools aren't the only things that hook. Ha ha. (Katherine, please forgive me.)

No Halloween bash would be complete without a costume contest. Here, the Winner's Circle: Kim the Fiber Queen; Frida Kahlo's niece, complete with monkey; and Sara The Moth, who took scariest costume (for obvious reasons). The prize loot featured Nat's fun felted sweater totes.

Darcy, the sassy revolutionary.

Dr. Love is in and she's makin' house calls.

I'll end this post with a pirate and candy corn because, hell, what more can we ask for Halloween?

Unless we ask for these, courtesy of Dr. Love!

For more and better pics, visit Ellen's blog, okay?


Catherine said...

HA! What a funny caption! No worries - I am greatly amused by the "not the only things that hook" line. :)

Ellen Bloom said...

Excellent photos, Angela! I didn't realize that there would be wig-swappin' after I left! Dr. Love is a scream!

sappmama said...

LOL, Catherine, you're a sport.

Ellen, isn't Dr. Love something else? Yes, the afro made its rounds!