Monday, September 11, 2006

i am victorious!

For as long as I can remember, me and Schmin have had this competition thing going. Since he's the son and I'm the mother I'm obviously responsible for starting it (he wasn't born trying to arm wrestle me to the ground). My only excuse is that I've always had an inexplicable urge to beat him at stuff. It started with racing when he was, like, four. I'd take it easy on him, only doing short distances -- porch to driveway, parking lot to daycare center -- to let him train. As the years wore on, I'd set bigger and bigger challenges and dust him every time. I reveled in my victories. Anybody who pointed out that beating a five-year-old at rock-throwing didn't really amount to much was accused of being jealous.

But the Universe turns on the motto that payback is a bitch; one day the earth revolved and Schmin started beating me. At, well, everything. That's when I started playing the mom card. You know. The one where I remind him that defeating one's mother and rejoicing over it is both lame and depraved.

Ah, good times.

I can neither defend nor resist the drive to beat Schmin in a public forum. When it comes to the races, I'm an old gray mare ready for pasture as far as Schmin's concerned (I know, I've asked him). But I can still see, which means I can still take me one humdinger of a photograph. And so I am laying down the gauntlet.

Below are pictures taken by Schmin and me on our visit to San Francisco in March. Each of us had a camera, and with every shot much chest-thumping and many declarations of greater skill ensued. I won't say who took what so this can be a clean contest. With your help, dear reader, I can put that Schmin in his place for the love of crazy moms everywhere! Vote in the comments. The loser's buying dinner. I've already got my fork sharpened.

(I should add that each set contains one photo taken by Schmin, and one photo taken by me. So vote for either a or b in each set. To think, I write tests for a living.)

SET 1:


SET 2:

SET 3:


SET 4:


SET 5:


SET 6:



SET 7:

And just 'cause the photographers are so darn cute:


Negronius said...

This was hard, and not because the photos were so damn fly, but because, really, I can beat both of you losers both with my hands tied behind my yellow back. But this isn't about me. It's about Set B., which edges out Set A. by a slight margin. I've witnessed both you and Andre's art fro over a dozen years and what's interesting to me is that after all these years, both of your artistic lens have widened and it excites me to see the growth and wonder of your eyes. You have both captured some breath-taking images here.

Just stay the hell out of Harlem.

Ellen Bloom said...

Yes, this is a difficult test, mainly because many of the subject matters in each category are different. This is my TASTE, not necessarily which photo is better:
Set 1: A - I like water photos.
Set 2:A - the contrast of the deer against the field is greater in color than in black and white.
Set 3: B- is slightly unusual and wins. A is derrivative of bridge photos.
Set 4: Two different subjects, but I like the simplicity of the "B" shot better.
Set 5: The Golden Gate Bridge is insignificant looking from the boat marina....the Bridge stands out better looking from the grassy knoll. However, I'm a Marina-Chick, so I'll take A, the boat shot.
Set 6: Two really different subjects. I like them both, but seem to have an affinity for A because it's more noir!
Set #7 - Yeah, yeah...the beach. Been there, done that. Give me some "B" textures everytime!

Both photographers are excellent, have an inquisitive eye and a good capability for pleasing composition!

Ellen B.
Artist, L.A.

Laurie Ann said...

Here's my vote, for what it's worth:

1. A
2. A
3. A
4. B
5. A
6. B
7. B

Anonymous said...

This situation presents a lot of pressure for me,since i was there for these pictures and know who took most of them or so i think i do (time for ginko),and being a recovering narcissist presents the added challenge of looking at any photo that contains me in it objectively, but here goes:
am i in trouble honey?

Faith said...

OK - here's my votes
1. A
2. B
3. B
4. A
5. B
6. A
7. B

Of course, what the hell do I know.

Negronius said...

Okay now.

1. A
2. B
3. B
4. B
5. A
6. B
7. B

Massage Man

woolanthropy said...

1. B
2. A
3. B
4. B
5. B
6. B
7. B

Here's my vote!

Sahara said...

Awrighty now! I gotta say––the A's won out. Schmin has absorbed your talent well.

You can now lay down the gauntlet with pride;take him out to dinner. Then go home and pick up your knitting, secretly re-joicing, in the one medium YOU ARE better than him at. Provided you don't teach him. ;)

And as far as that last photo––you got some powerful genes, lady! He looks like a young, male version of you.

tk said...

Yikes, this was hard... there all great!
Heres my picts:
1 a
2 b
3 a
4 b
5 a
6 a
7 b

Summer said...

no way, much too hard!

Deborah said...

set 4b is my favorite. the hand with a pebble, very nicely done.

afrowalking said...

Thank you for the op to vote! :-) How fun!

1: A
2: A
3: B
4: B
5: A
6: A
7: B

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Wow. I'm confusededed. But all the photos are gorgeous. I think I like "A"s better, but only slightly.

Funny how you like to compete with the Li'l Man. WeeMG is always competing with me, and I feel guilty when I win. I need to get over that.

Maureen Maureen said...

okay, i'm gonna totally punk out here and say i love them all because i love you both. lame, i know ... but really true.

kellz said...

greetings, sappmama....
where ya at? i await your return...

love the last post.


sappmama said...

maureen maureen (love that!) you know I miss you. Not too long from now, lil' Maureen'll be beating you at stuff!

Hey, kellz! Your post brought me back. Thank you! I'll be over to your "house" in a minute.