Thursday, June 03, 2010

i made some things and had a birthday kind of around the same time

So much good stuff to chat about. First, crochet.

This little red number is my first crocheted sweater. It was a learning experiment, to be sure, but it's cute enough to give away. I'm sending it to Avery, along with the blue knitted sweater. (I know. I've been lax about mailing anything lately. My sewing room is filled with unmailed gifts.)

Next, I made this green sweater for the young woman who works with me at
Knitting in the Loop. I used Vanna's Choice yarn, which I probably won't use again, but the sweater is nice for a baby boy. I gifted it along with some plaid cotton button-down shirts from Target. It was an adorably preppy combo.

This pink, cream, and brown sweater, which I call The Neapolitan, is maybe my favorite. It's made with a discontinued yarn called Cotton Candy by the Woodstock Wool Company, which is apparently out of business. It's too bad because it's the softest, most gorgeous cotton I've ever used. These pictures hardly do it justice. This one is for Mister Steven's god daughter Soliel, who is due a new sweater from me.

All three of these sweaters are from the same pattern, Yarny Days's Every Day Is a New Sweater Day. I can't say enough good things about this pattern. The the subtraction of the collar, the addition of scallops (as I did for the the Neapolitan), contrasting single crochet edging, flowers, more or fewer buttons, etc., completely changes the look of the sweater. It's just a wonderful pattern that's perfect for a novice sweater crocheter.

I used another Yarny Days pattern, Bombay Love, to make this yellow one. It's a shop sample for Knitting in the Loop. It's also a blast to crochet, and a very easy pattern.

Speaking of Knitting in the Loop, my friend Mishell and I had a little birthday gathering there. We have the same birthday, May 16, and the same middle name, so we're destined to celebrate together.

My sisters and my niece came. They are, left to right, Tish, Siyah, and Kale. I tell everyone I changed Kale's diapers, because I did, but I think now that she's in her 30s she'd like me to stop sharing that information.

Here are a few more party shots. The woman hugging Mishell in the first one is Judy Amonett, who owns Knitting in the Loop and has a wicked sense of humor and a heart of pure gold.


Anonymous said...

Those sweaters are giving me a CONNIPTION! They're scrumptios! Especially of course, The Neopolitan. But the little flowers on the Red One? LOVE. Fun cake.

woolanthropy said...

You are crochet CRAZY! Those sweaters are too dang cute. The little ice creamy number is my summery.

What a fun celebration!

Ellen Bloom said...

Ha! Gotchya!!! I knew crochet would lasso your heart as soon as you figured it out, Sweetie! Once again, happy birthday!!!

AllyB said...

Happy Birthday! Love the sweaters, especially the yellow off-set front with white trim. Adorable!

AllyB said...

Happy Birthday! Love the sweaters, especially the yellow off-set front with white trim. Adorable!

afrowalking said...

Everyone above has already said it - STUNNINGLY ADORABLE. OMG. I love the pink one too :-)

So happy you're settling in and happy. Can't wait to visit! xoxo

Stacy said...

First, happy birthday!! Second, you look beautiful. Third, LOVE that cute little yellow sweater.

Good to see you around here!

j.kaori said...

Great job on the crochet sweaters --- all are so cute! And I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

mj said...

I LOVE THOSE SWEATERS!!!! Sorry to shout, but I just had to!

Sahara said...

Hey there!

Happy belated Birthday! It was great catching up with your blog, boy have your fingers been flying.

I LOVE your crocheted sweaters, except that the red one is too small; I'll send you my measurments, LOL!

Hope you're summer's been good!

Stacy said...

Just checking in to see how you are doing. Have missed seeing you around here. I hope all is good!