Saturday, March 13, 2010

kind of about cars, but mostly about birds (with a cat along the way)

I'm happy you guys like the colors of my scarf. I'm making one for Natalie, but I have to rip it out because the consensus in my knitting group is that the colors I'm using don't work as well together. Oh well. You win some, and others you start again.

I haven't been knitting/crocheting much this week. Instead I've been focusing on life matters, and it's been a week of great relief and even joy.

Today the weather was so nice that after running errands I didn't want to be in the house; so I took Elizabeth Gilbert's Committed and sat in my car, in my driveway, and read.

I'm a big fan of sitting in the car, at home or in random parking lots. During break times at my old job, I'd drive to Vons Supermarket on 3rd and Vermont, sit in the lot and eat lunch or daydream. I don't rightly know why I'm drawn to hanging out in parked vehicles. Maybe the indoor/outdoor nature of being in a windowed box, a small, movable world, in private but in public simultaneously. It helps to have a sun roof. Then you feel like you're camping out.

At home there's only so much car camping I can do before nosy Mira comes around. She peeks in the sun roof, sometimes swiping at me, then treads on the windshields, leaving lots of paw prints to remember her by. Sometimes she'll jump in the car and act all trapped, scrambling to get out. I gripe, but I love this cat endlessly.

The view through the sun roof is what inspired this post. The sky was such a gorgeous blue, and there were these yellow birds I'd never noticed before filling up the tree branches above my house. (I barely know a cardinal from a crow; so if you can tell me what kind of bird these are, please do.)


Stacy said...

I was just thinking about you yesterday!! I'm loving the sunny looking photos... it's been rainy here but the sun is just poking out again.

debbie said...

Your birds look like cedar waxwings. Hard to tell exactly without a shot of the head/face. Were they in a blossoming tree of some sort? They love to eat the blossoms!

woolanthropy said...

Love the view from your car!
Especially that cat's hinky jinky attitude.
The birds are lovely.

carlita dee said...

Debbie, I think you're on to something. My camera wouldn't zoom in any closer, but from what I can see when comparing my pics to Google images, looks like cedar waxwings indeed. Thank you so much!

carlita dee said...

Oh, and I think the tree does blossom (must pay closer attention).