Friday, February 26, 2010

i'm in the loop

Okay enough with the merry Christmas. It's February, for cryin' out loud.

I've been letting this blog sit because I'm not into chronicling my every fart; I like to post when there's movement on the knitting/crocheting/sewing/painting front -- some pretty thing to show and talk about. Or least when interesting things are happening. I lost my job at the end of December, and things just didn't look very interesting after that. It wasn't losing that particular job that proved a downer. It was having to dig down deep and find, at 43, the fortitude to pursue the things that are really important to me, like writing. I'm still digging, but I see gold at the bottom of the well.

In the meantime, I got a new part-time job, because it's good to have at least a semblance of a schedule. My new job is an "in-betweener," something to do while applying for work in my field. I started today, and I hesitate to call it work. My job warrants a post, because it's here:

(There's an adorable tiny Natalie on the porch because we took these pictures on one of her visits. I borrowed them from her blog. Thanks, Natalie.)

Knitting in the Loop, Houston's brightest, loveliest knitting store. Probably the worst possible place for a yarnaholic like me to work. (I like cake too, which is why you'd never catch me working at a bakery.) But the staff is ever so nice, the yarn selection is wonderful, and there's a steady stream of regulars who like to come sit and knit. Several of them belong to the knitting group I attend on Thursday mornings; so friends drop in all the time.

I told Judy, the store's owner, that she might as well go ahead and pay me in yarn. I'll need a part-time job to pay for this part-time job, yeesh. If you've never been in a knitting store when a fresh shipment of yarn arrives, you're missing a spectacle. It's like watching piranhas attack a steak. One of my tasks today was to put price tags on yarn. It would've been easy enough if my hands didn't keep fondling every hank I was supposed to price. And has anyone noticed how accessories keep getting cuter? My, my, my. I've got my eye on a little sheep that functions as a scissors fob. Retardedly unnecessary, but one is sure to follow me home.

If ever you should find yourself in Houston, now you know where to find yarn (and me).


Stacy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your full time job but I can only imagine you'll have fun with this part time gig.

Lisa G. said...

:( Sorry about your job!

I was THISCLOSE to visiting knitting in the loop, last weekend. My husband and I were at the Spec's on Smith and I was like "it's only 3.5 miles that way......!" But I resisted.

Ellen Bloom said...

Whoa...better get rid of Anonymous' comment, above! Sheesh!

Anyway, you've got the dream part-time job for every yarn-a-holic I know!! At least you'll be meeting more people and networking for a "real" job at the LYS!!! This is also a chance to brush up on all of your knit and crochet skills! congrats.

Yarnyholic in L.A.

afrowalking said...

Pay me in yarn. LOL. Sounds like a great, nurturing place to be while in transition! xoxo

golden star said...

Lemonade out of lemons!


Am so happy to read about the life adventures and your spirit comes through all the way.

Summer said...

Oh, how I wish I could find myself in Houston sometime. I'd love to see you sometime, my love.

woolanthropy said...

Good times.
now let's talk...when I come to visit do I get to hang out at the yarn store while you work? Woohoo, I hope so!

Elbee said...

You biyotch! Too much bitching in one day I know, but, OMG! I'm just jealous. Congrats on the in-betweener. So, this is all going into your yarn bank, huh? Enjoy!