Wednesday, February 04, 2009

we had a time, we had a time

That's what my grandmother would say about any good gathering she'd been part of. It's what I'm saying about Natalie's visit early last month. Child, we had a time. I've been meaning to tell you guys just how good a time (and Natalie already has).

Natalie is easy summer breezy. She's my ride or die chick. She's not fussy, is easy to share a restaurant dish with, and can find fun even when it's hiding. It doesn't hurt that we have so many of the same interests, and a determination to indulge them all whenever we're together. In case no one has noticed, I love Natalie.

I remember starting to post tributes to my friends in LA. I got a few done, then started writing one about Natalie, right after she brought me here to Houston and abandoned me. (Oh c'mon, she did!) That was the end of the tributes. I couldn't finish Natalie's without crying. It'll have to be enough to say I am blessed with great friends from coast to coast, and that Natalie's visit reminded me of how very fortunate I am.

So, what did we do?

She was here for a few brief glorious days, and we built our schedule around one of our favorite pastimes, eating. We had Mexican, Turkish, and Thai. I made the standard American breakfast, (turkey) bacon and eggs, a couple of mornings, and the night she arrived we worked on finishing off my chili. (I made a lot. I'd frozen some for Natalie.)

Of course we hit my favorite spot -- I think it's on Natalie's list of favorites now too -- The Guild. Forget about it. If the apocalypse comes, I hope The Guild is the only place left standing. I think this would be okay with God, seeing as it's The Guild Shop of St. John the Divine, and proceeds go to charity. (Okay maybe add St. Vincent de Paul to the post-apocalypse list. That way I'd have a place to go for side trips.) We found some goodies at The Guild, naturally. Natalie bought me some lovely things, including this beautiful vintage Pyrex dish. (It features a pretty kitchen towel she gave me for Christmas.)

My score for the day was this lamp. I love, love, love its corky goodness, a surface like the moon (I may change the accordion shade sometime). I bought it for my bedroom. Natalie said it's too humongous as a night table lamp, but when she saw it in the room, she liked it. Some day it might makes its way to the living room.

We also hit Yarns 2 Ewe. I hadn't been back since right after Natalie left the last time, and now that we've spent more time there, I have to tell you the selection is out of sight. We had a blast. I only bought a couple skeins, but I felt up every skein, hank, and ball in the joint. Natalie did some damage, but she was allowed, since she was on vacation.

Another day we walked around Rice Village, checking out Project Runway's Chloe Dao's Lot 8.

We stumbled on a fabric store there that had prices that were the most outrageous I'd ever seen. I mean just way over the top. Cotton prints for 19.99 a yard, and I couldn't see a special thing about them. Such nonsense. We had to make up for it, so we went to Glick, a discount fabric warehouse. Glick is great for home dec stuff, trims, and cotton prints like Alexander Henry in bulk. We looked at fabric for me to make curtains, and Natalie bought some pillow forms. They carry multiple sizes at great prices, and they're stuffed with down, not polyester. Unfortunately, Natalie couldn't get them in her suitcase, so I inherited them. Here's Glick's great wall of tassles.

It was wonderful having Natalie here. It didn't feel like home until she came. Even Dancing James Brown, spotted during our travels, knows what I'm talking about.


AllyB said...

You are so fortunate to have such a great friend!

woolanthropy said...

Oh Carla, I love you too.

You are right, we had a time!

It was so much fun exploring Houston. Next time I'm going to pack light so I can get my pillow forms home. Or we can go and visit Shirley & Marcelle at the pack and post. hehe. I gotta tune in to that show again.

Love you, miss you, mean it!

Stacy said...

What a wonderful tribute to your friend. Natalie sounds like a keeper.

j.kaori said...

Good friends are the best!

Elbee said...

Sweet! So glad you got to spend time with your friend. Hey, I nominated you for an award on my blog.

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