Friday, February 06, 2009

frankie valli slept here

January was fun. The Bubs. Natalie. Very closely followed by my partner in crime for nearly 30 years, Steven.

Steven, bka Mister Stevens, was only here overnight, but it was fabulous to see him nonetheless. Neither of us could recall the last time we'd seen each other. We won't go that long again. I'll be visiting him in NYC in a couple of weeks.

Since our time was limited, I mostly drove around and pointed out stuff, trying not to get us lost. Before his flight home, we went to what I understand is a Houston institution, The Avalon Diner ("Justly Famous Since 1938"). Just like the Singer store, the Avalon is deceptively tucked inside a strip mall. Its outside we know too well, but its inside is anachronistic. I wouldn't be surprised if the waitresses, who appear to be in their 50s and 60s, have been working there since they were teenagers. One of them is pictured, sitting down, propped by an elbow, world weary. (Which doesn't mean we didn't get great service.)

Mister Stevens and I followed the song in our approach to the meal. Really good, classic American diner food. I'm going to stay out late and get a hangover so I can eat there in the proper context.

Yeah, man. Mister Stevens is cool. He's got the forty-year-old's mark of cool, fresh ink.


Stacy said...

Looks like a charming little place... yum!

Elbee said...

"in proper context" huh? Too funny but I know what you mean. Is that tattoo on his neck?! Wonder if that hurt more than getting it somewhere else.

Adrienne said...

I want a tattoo so bad! LOL

woolanthropy said...

Fresh ink? wow. I think I will stick with my Kat von D lipstick.


golden star said...

Forget you! That VEP website has some really good stuff. Wow!

j.kaori said...

What a cool place --- food looks tasty! Not sure I want to mention your take on fresh ink to my husband --- don't want to give him any ideas!

Anonymous said...

Soleil is a beautiful name. I was just wondering who these were going to!!! Were you becoming a Gramma? I asked
So, now back to reading the post.