Monday, July 14, 2008

it's all in the game

I was going to title this post "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all," but there's no need for that much drama. Nothing could be further from the truth about my fortune, except maybe, maybe, when it comes to computers.

I got this one to replace my Dell Inspiron 1150 Special Crapola Edition on October 31st of last year. In December it started cutting off, here and there, whenever it pleased. I'd had so much trouble with the Dell that I didn't want to send this one in for service, so I hung on to it. Now it's got to go in. I think it needs a new hard drive. Just so you'll know to avoid one at all costs, my computer is Lenovo Y410. I took a chance and bought one because they were cheap and simple. I don't recommend you do the same. My mother-in-law has a rule, she never buys the cheapest anything. I'd do well to adopt it.

So. The computer goes in tomorrow or Wednesday. Daily posts will continue, but there will be many images with no text, some courtesy of Schmin, who shoots interesting things in an interesting way, and when I get my computer back I'll post a stitch-a-palooza. The fix-it man said it might take two weeks, and I'm not getting too hopeful that it'll be less.

I've meant to e-mail some of you to say: Hi, Thanks, LOL!, Yes, I DO love peanut butter ice cream!, Heather, I hope your daughter is having fun on her trip and I bet she sure was shocked!, Lilia, I can't think of what to treat myself with but I'll do my three days anyway (you I'll find a way to shoot some progress e-mails), Adrienne, How could you be ready for fall sewing? I still dream of summer clothes, Rangsiwan, show us that dress!, Hey, Frank!, etc, etc. Consider yourselves e-mailed, ha.

I'll pop in when I can, and I'll be missing the camaraderie in the meantime. :)


yaiAnn said...

I've got three words for you carlitadee..





Adrienne said...

I second Rangsiwan.

I LOVE MY MAC. I've had mine over a year now and it's SUPERB! NO trouble at all.


msaims said...

ho. hum. if i could afford a mac....

i guess one positive thing that will come from this computer blah is all the extra time you will have for craftin'. looking forward to the results!


woolanthropy said...

dude that stinks.

Anonymous said...

CAN NOT IMAGINE. But hey, you'll get lots of stuff done! Also a Mac person here. Maybe a separation settlement from Bubba? ;)

sahara said...

Wow, I hope this is only costing you a leg; you need your arms, for sure.

I've owned only 2 MACS in 15 years. None of my PC friends can say that. And they are affordable now, considering I've never had one repaired.