Tuesday, July 15, 2008

dre days : 1

Schmin is Andre, and some people call him Dre, of course, but I usually just call him Schmin.

Because of the sad state of affairs with my computer, I don't have access to many of my photos (they're backed up but I don't want to open them and have this monster eat them), so it's a perfect time to pimp my kid. I was going to post some of his work at some point anyhow, because I love it.

Here we go with a string of photos courtesy of Schmin. He will appreciate any kind words you'd care to share, I'm sure.

See you on the other end, my friends.


Stacy said...

Great eye - love the photo!

normanack said...

You are so lucky to have that kid. He is so lucky to have you.

Awesome picture!

Anonymous said...

Hey Schmin, love your pic and your dress sense, never to be seen without your vest. How about a bow tie? Your momma could make you oggles of wonderful bow ties!

Yes Sappmama, dd is back, 10 days went so quickly and her head is still spinning. She didn't want to come back. She says everyone was so very friendly and nice. She took some pebbles from a beach and is adamant that she has to take them back. Isn't she clever?


woolanthropy said...

drive into the light.
I love how the antenna bisects the photo. great lines

Lil Knitter said...

Just been lurking around...I never miss your posts. Sorry about your computer. I so feel your pain.

Schmin's photo is awesome. I can see why you love his work. Can't wait to see more!!


*btw...you are one of the talented ladies who has inspired me to get a sewing machine...wish me luck!*

Adrienne said...

Love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pic Schmin. When's your gallery opening?

Frank said...

What a great eye for composing a pic. Very cool!

Ellen Bloom said...

Your kid never ceases to amaze me. He's smart, intelligent, handsome, friendly and accessible and nice to old ladies.

The photo is brilliant. It's abstract, but based in reality. Yes...I'm waiting for the gallery show too.