Tuesday, January 30, 2007

on january

Here January is kissing the wind goodbye and I have yet to post my Snap a Dozen Days entry. Well, here it is:

I took this photo on the 9th. It's the area behind my place of employment. Kind of a nowhere land before downtown Los Angeles if you're traveling east. It's a scrappy, defiant neighborhood, one that has yet to be graced by the requisite hipness of Echo Park or Silverlake. As far as I know, it has no celebratory name -- no Silver, no Echo, no Feliz, no Holly -- and nothing that it's particularly famous for. It just is.

That's kind of January, to me. Once you get past the 1st and set up a few ground rules that you intend to last the year, you can just be. You can engage in living without explanation or justification. And you can do it under the same wondrous blue sky as everything and everyone else.

This has been a good month. Work has gone well. Crafting has felt much less manic now that I've begun to use what I have. It's been a kind space in which to prepare for February, the month in which I have my first (ever) book proposal due.

As the red month of love progresses, I will toast and tell, but for now, a few things I've been running through my fingers:


Laurie Ann said...

Ah, I recognize that view.
I'll be there around 2:00 to drop off my unused paper for the brave souls who are sticking around.

sappmama said...


I'll be here. I'll come looking for you to say hi.

Ellen Bloom said...

Carla Doll! Great photo! Hey! Wait a Minute! Most L.A. sections have an identifying neighborhood name. Tell the the street boundaries and I'll tell you the name of the area!!!

L.A. Ell
L.A. Is My Beat!!

jessie said...

Congratulations on the book proposal!

Deborah said...

Yes, knitting form stash is very liberating. I'm on my 2nd month and have no intentions of backsliding!

Good luck with the book proposal, oh and yes love and crafting go very well together!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Congrats to you!!!!

sappmama said...

Thanks everybody! I'm scared as hell but doing the proposal anyway. :)

Ellen Bloom said...

Beverly Blvd., between Rampart and Alvardo. Believe it or not, Ms. Carla that is Echo Park. Since it's south of the Echo Park Lake, we call that area Lower Echo. Also, Tommy-Town 'cause it's right near the original Tommy's! When I was a student at USC, we frequently made "Tommy runs" at 3 in the morning. Sometimes we called it Ptomaine Tommy's...chili to bust your gut!

You are correct, the borders are vague around there. That location could also be considered the edge of the Filipino Historic District. I'm sure many of the cops from the nearby Rampart Division have other names for the area!!!

Later Gator!
L.A. Ell

sappmama said...

LOL! I bow to YOU, Miss Ellen! Especially on Tommy Town. We're a stone's throw away from that greasy place. Ha ha.