Wednesday, January 17, 2007

meet the bensons

The Benson II
Work is busy. There are many students. There are many things I ought to be studying.

"There" = expletive (its sole function is to make the syntax work), "are" = verb, "many" = adjective modifying the noun "things" which is also the subject. "I ought to be studying" is a dependent clause with an elliptical "that" introducing it -- "that I ought to be studying." Because it also modifies the subject "things," it is an adjective clause. As a clause (as opposed to a phrase) it has its own subject and verb, which are "I" and "ought" respectively. "To be studying" = progressive infinitive functioning as a direct object to the verb "ought." "Ought" what? "Ought to be studying."

One simple sentence, so much chaos.

See what blogging at work makes me do?

Anyhow, on to the point of this entry. I am holding fast to my commitment to KFYS and I am not using yarn shopping as a shiny object with which to distract and pacify myself. We're three weeks into the new year and I'm pleased as punch that I haven't caved.

The best thing about KFYS, so far, is that it's an opportunity to honor the promises I've made to myself about the things I would make for people. And to use the yarn I've already purchased for said things. I see now that I'd gone too far into thrill of the kill. In other words, I loved going out and hunting the buffalo. Tracking it. Shooting it. Dragging it home. But I wasn't so much into the skinning and boning and cooking and setting on the table.

And so, from my storage freezer of buffalo carcasses, last week I finished another one of these

The Benson
for my friend V.

The Benson is the scarf I made for my trip to Portland. Goofy as I am, I like to name my scarves, and while I was knitting away and planning my trip, I looked at pictures of The Benson Hotel in downtown Portland after I'd booked my room there (on Priceline) and something about the scarf reminded me of it. I think it was the luxurious feel of the Misti Alpaca Chunky, or maybe the cool refined pop of its Cadillac blue color. The Benson is the kind of scarf that you put on when you want a little instant classic. I could be down to my last cryin' dime, tie it on, and feel like I've got a poodle named FiFi and a chauffeur named Lars whose ass I like to pinch as he lets me into my limo. The pattern, which is actually the super simple "Warm Fuzzies" from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation, is loads of fun. If you look closely at the second photo above (click to enlarge), you'll see that one side is cabled and the other is ribbed. Isn't that just so clever? I love this pattern.

Last year when V admired the scarf, I ran out and bought another skein of Misti Alpaca to make The Benson II for her. (Each scarf took about 1.5 skeins.) I stashed the yarn and, well, you know how it goes. But I'm happy to report that before she left for a trip to NYC last week, I was able to gift her with the scarf.

I have to say one more time what a blast the pattern is. The whole double-sided, double-patterned thing is like sorcery to me. So much so that I'm making a third scarf for another friend, in a different color.


Laurie Ann said...

I wish I were in your English class (subjunctive mood), but I did enjoy my Tuesdays with Steve.

I skipped school. I seem to be doing a lot of that.

Ellen Bloom said...

GREAT scarf, Carla! I think you should use that photo of you modeling "Benson" as a publicity still....stunning!

Bad Amy said...

That is a gorgeous colorway!

kellz said...

hot scarf, ms. carla!
i really enjoyed the tribute you did for your friend. that's what it is about: FRIENDSHIP! ain't nothin like it.

i hope all is well in your world.
stop by!


sahara said...

That scarf is fabulous. I'd have never made it from looking at the book.

That's what's so wonderful about blogs.